Counterbalance high fantasy audio drama podcast

Counterbalance – A high fantasy audio drama Podcast

Counterbalance is an immersive high fantasy audio drama Podcast series written by Kessi Riliniki. 

About the Podcast

Over the mountain of Skundr, a hole has torn into the magic weave. Gluttonous spirits pour through this hole. Their purpose: To devour all things intangible – sounds, light, wind or even dreams. Fixing these holes is not an easy endeavor. It is the task of Patchers to mend the hole and guide the spirits back to the weave. 

We follow Raka, an experienced Patcher. She set out on a journey across the Skundr to fix the so called tangleweave. She is accompanied by Lyn, who has unusual abilities to sense the spirits before they escape the weave. During a dispute with a spirit, they encounter Malaki, whose manic use of the runic language angers the spirit. And worse yet – the use of Runes is a possible reason for the tearing of the tangleweave…

With spirit behavior becoming more than any experienced Patcher can handle, these three must learn to work together to mend the tangleweave – or risk further widening the hole with their own internal conflicts. 

Where to listen

You can find ways to listen to all available Podcast Episodes of Counterbalance on our Episodes page, and of course, on these fine Podcast catchers:

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News from TriLunis on Twitter

Yoshon from @OBDsity has recently started receiving Podcasts on her 📡antenna and has been binge listening to @amelia_podcast, now she keeps bugging me for Cocoa 😩
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Fæhu, faithful listeners! Thank you so much for waiting so patiently for new Counterbalance Episodes to drop. Here is an Update/Status Quo on where we are at right now and where we're going from here. We will begin releasing again in 2022 - Spirit-promise!

Ive been radiosilent for so long, but the production of Counterbalance never rested.
Last week I spent the entire week filling the website with content. Keep the ball rolling!

Counterbunnies 👀
(Working on Ep10 today. I swear new eps will drop before the year ends...)

Trying something fun tonight - @Abyzzinn and @kessireusly will be live on Twitch streaming first cut of #Counterbalance Ep8 (no spoilers!) at 7.30pm GMT. Let's see how well that goes!
Come join us on:

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