Counterbalance was originally only intended to feature a cast of 3 main characters and very few recurring side characters, though over the course of it’s production, the Podcast has grown into a large Cast and Crew. The many lovely people involved in the production Counterbalance are listed bellow and will continuously expand as new Episodes are released.

Counterbalance Cast and Crew Kessi Riliniki

Kessir Riliniki


The creator of Counterbalance and voice of Raka. Works as mediadesigner by day an Podcaster and Freelance artist by night. In its spare time, it herds a pack of Bunnies through its garden.

Kessir wrote and produced its first stand-alone audio drama “Those who Sing” together with Carollyn in 2014. In 2018, it wrote and produced its second stand-alone “Wolpertingers” in association with Polarity Audio Works for the 11th Hour Audio challenge, which won Best English Speaking Audio Drama at the Hörspielsommer Leipzig 2019.

It made its debut as a Voiceactor in the audio drama podcast The White Vault (as Karina), and has had small guest appearances in productions like The Lucky Die, Dark Dice, Liberty, A Scottish Podcast, The Amelia Project and others it might have forgotten to mention.

It began writing Counterbalance in 2016 as a project to practice character writing and defining meaningful character arks.

Kessir lives in germany.



  • Creator
  • Writer
  • Director
  • Dialogue Editor
  • Light Sounddesign
  • Lead Artist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Bunny Tamer
Counterbalance Cast and Crew Carollyn Monterola-Koezle

Carollyn Monterola-Koezle


Formerly a mediadesigner, she is now working a full time job as mother of twins. To a degree, Carollyn is also the second parent of Counterbalance, as without her, its creation would probably have faltered at the conception.

She debuted as a voice-actress in Kessir’s first one-off audio drama “Those Who Sing” in 2014. She has not been involved in any other podcast projects.

Carollyn lives in germany.



  • Website Admin
  • Emotional Support
  • Mother of Human Spawn and Cats
  • Eater of all the Food
Counterbalance Cast and Crew Eythor Vidarsson

Eyþór Viðarsson


Eyþór works as a self-employed electrician. In his work, he loves listening to Actual Play and Audio Drama Podcasts, which inevitably lead him down the rabbit hole of getting into voice acting and becoming a player on Actual Plays himself. In his spare time, he likes to play a good game of DnD with friends or Stream other games live on his Twitch channel RealDragonsand.

He made his debut as a voice actor on The White Vault (as Jónas). Other projects he acted and voiced in include The Lucky Die, Dark Dice, Liberty and Nyctophobia.

Eyþór lives in Iceland.



  • Grumpy McGrumpypants
Counterbalance Cast and Crew Travis Vengroff

Travis Vengroff


The foolish half of Fool & Scholar Productions, Travis is a Musician and Podcast Producer. He and his wife Kaitlin Statz have created many award winning Podcasts since 2014 and has been working as a full time Podcaster since 2019.

He is the co-producer and -creator of The White Vault, Dark Dice, Liberty and VAST Horizon. In his capacity as a voice actor, he can also be heard on Podcasts like The Lucky Die and Wordtastic.

Travis lives in Germany.

Counterbalance Cast and Crew Hem Volonda Cleveland

Hem “Volonda” Brewster


Hem is an Engineer who currently overlooks the safety of a hoard of Puffins and two Beluga Whales at the Beluga Whale Sanctuary in Iceland. In her spare time, she both plays and DMs a bunch of DnD campaigns, the most long running of which can be experienced on The Lucky Die Podcast.

When she’s not home-brewing or playing in Actual Play Podcasts, she lends her voice to Audio Drama Podcasts such as The White Vault  Dark Dice, Liberty, Marsfall, Y2K Podcast and Nyctophobia.

Hem lives in Iceland.



  • Emotional Support
  • Kicker of Ass
Counterbalance Logo

Ester Ellis


Ester is a Podcast Producer and creator of Station Blue. She has voiced on podcast such as 20 Sided Stories and Less is Morgue.

Ester lives in California.


Counterbalance Cast and Crew Sarah Buchynski

Sarah Buchynski


Sarah is a freelance Audio Engineer at Polarity Audio Works.

She first joined forces with Kessi when an all-womens team decided to tackle the 11th Hour Audio Challenge in 2018, their combined efforts bringing forth “Wolpertingers“, which got a lot of recognition for Sarah’s exceptional Foley and Sound Design work and eventually won Best English Speaking Audio Drama at the Hörspielsommer Leipzig 2019.

She has provided her services as Audio Engineer in various capacities to many Podcast Productions, such as The White Vault, Dark Dice, Liberty: Tales from the Tower, Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services and many more. For a more extensive list of credits, see her IMBD or her References at Polarity Audio Works.

Sarah lives in Canada.


  • Assorted crowd voices


  • Sound Design
  • Foley
  • Mix Engineer
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Cuddler of Polar Bears
Counterbalance Cast and Crew Jon Kasheninnikoff Skarin

Jon Kasheninnikoff Skarin (aka. Fuimadane)


Jon’s career originally began as a Electronic Dance music-producer, until he discovered his love for blending music of Genres like Neo Folk, Oriental Music, Folktronica, Medieval and Viking, until he finally arrived at the unique sound he produces now. And thus, Fuimadane came to be.

During the creation of his first album “Vegleitir” he was joined by Kessi, who created the covers for his tracks and helped him market his music and merchandise. One of the first Tracks to be created for this Album was “Sá Svar“, which he created after reading some of the early Scripts for Counterbalance. It was immediately clear that this Track had to be the main Theme for Counterbalance. He has since provided music for almost every episode.

Jon lives in Denmark.


  • Composer
  • Drinker of Mead

More is coming soon, stay tuned!

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