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Counterbalance is an indie podcast production. And while Counterbalance is and always will be a freely available Podcast, creating it costs time, sweat, sometimes tears, often money and almost always offerings to assorted Spirits and Væron. We rely on the aid of our audience to grow the show, while at the same time keep our content Ad-Free for the sake of immersion.

If you have come here because you have considered supporting our production – first of all, thank you so much for considering it! It really means a lot!

There are two ways you can help support us: Financially and Emotionally (mental health is important!)

Support us financially


If you support us with a monthly pledge on Patreon, you will get access to a lot of bonus content, such as early access to Episodes before they drop on the public Podcast feed, as well as blooper reels and other exciting things. Your support on Patreon will be funneled directly into paying the actors and keeping the Polar Bears fed.


As they say in germany, “Kleinvieh macht auch Mist” (translation: small animals also cause piles of crap), which means that even seemingly small things can add up to something large. And, let’s be honest, Kessi does have a lot of small Animals that cause a lot of crap piles. After all, the Bunny-Spirits won’t feed themselves! In fact, they demand quite regular payment in Banana-Coins (glutonous things!). If you would like to keep those debt-collecting bunnies off Kessi’s keyboard, you can help by sending the Pack some Nana-Coins on Ko-Fi.


Counterbalance Merchandise Merch overviewWhile some merch already exists, we do not currently have a merch store yet, but there will be one in the Future! In the meantime, we do have a small bundle of Stickers, Postcards and Keyrings available for the Show. If you are interested in any of these, send us a message, and we will gladly send you some of these for a small donation on Ko-Fi to cover shipping costs.

Support us emotionally

Hard to imagine, but there are non-financial, absolutely free ways to help us grow Counterbalance as a Podcast! (insane, right?) And best of all – it helps also good for mental health – both yours and ours! It’s really easy and barely takes any time at all! Here’s what you can do:

Rate and Review

Love the show? Hate the show? Are you ambivalent about the show? You could leave us a rating or a review on iTunes, Podchaser, Spotify, Podcastaddict and let us know your thoughts. By doing so, you help raise the discoverability of the Podcast, and your words help motivate us emotionally to spear onward.

Follow us on Social Media

Counterbalance can be found on most Social Media outlets using the handle @TriLunis (the name of our creator studio!) – you can find us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

@ us, Engage with us, DM us. Everything’s allowed – you don’t need to craft a summoning circle for us, we promise!

Share the Show

If you enjoy the show and know someone who might also enjoy it, you can let them know about the show. For ease of access, perhaps share this Trailer with them.

Do you host a Podcast of your own and would like to play the Trailer on your show? You can click here to download the trailer.

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