Main Characters


Raka is an Akasar (“teacher”) at the University of Kærûn, where she teaches the theory of weaving magic through the Ætherweb. When holes are torn into the Ætherweb, she travels to their location in her capacity as a “Patcher” to fix those holes.

Late 20s, tall, bulky, often grumpy with very little patience and even less empathy.

Raka is voiced by Kessi Riliniki.


Lyn is a quirky, humorous human who rarely knows what she’s doing. She doesn’t have any big aspirations, other than having fun and punching a bunch of spirits. How she’ll accomplish that isn’t really something she has put any thoughts into, however.

Not much else is known about her at this time.

Mid 20s, short, chubby, cheerful, empathetic, carefree.

Lyn is voiced by Carollyn Monterola-Koezle.

Counterbalance Character Artwork Full-body Lyn Profile artwork by Kessir Riliniki


Malaki is a runemaster who has been seeking out spirits inhabiting the mountan Skundr in search of “Azeri”. Though skilled in the use of runes, it appears that he has not had many dealings with others with the same knowledge.

Not much else is known about him at this time.

Early 20s, short, skinny, cunning, challenging, quick-witted, impulsive.

Malaki is voiced by Eyþór Viðarsson.

Counterbalance Character Artwork Full-body Malaki Profile

Supporting Characters


Auril is an Akasar at the university of Kærûn, where he teaches magic technology. He invents various gadgets and trinkets using magic technology in his spare time, which he often gives to Raka to test “in the field”. His latest invention, the Windshell, is the means through which the documentation of Raka’s work is recorded.

Mid 30s, short, lean, considered handsome by many students, charismatic, very focused on the development of his technology.

Auril is voiced by Travis Vengroff.


Yosha is a student at the university of Kærûn, where she studies theology, psychology and the theory of emotional connections formed through the Ætherweb. In her spare time, she sometimes helps out working as court stenographer to hone her ability to write quickly enough to keep up with spoken word.

Early 20s, medium, chubby, sweet, empathetic, caring, gentle.

Yosha is voiced by Hem “Volonda” Brewster.

Recurring and other Characters

More is coming soon, stay tuned!

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