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About Counterbalance

Counterbalance is an immersive high fantasy audio drama Podcast featuring a full cast and epic sound deisgn, written and created by Kessi Riliniki. It is a story about a journey of three people that need to learn to settle their differences and find balance within themselves and peace with each other.

We follow Raka, experienced in the art of mending the weave that creates magic, as she sets out on a journey across the Mountain Skundr to mend the Tangleweave, the biggest hole in the magic weave known in her time. On her journey, she is joined by Malaki, a hermit from the mountain who can use Runes, the language of Magic, and Lyn, who has unusual abilities to sense spirits before they escape the broken weave. With spirit-behaviour becoming more than Raka can handle by herself, these three must learn to work together to mend the tangleweave – or risk further widening the hole with their own internal conflicts.

Counterbalance is set in the fictional world of Zäa, which combines typical medieval-fantasy with Scandinavian influences, primordial elements; but also a little sci-fi and is inhabited by a variety of both human and non-human beings.

The series addresses topics like oppression, racism, trauma, loss, mental illness, found family and learning ask for help.

Counterbalance was made for fans and lovers of the high fantasy genre, who also enjoy a little derivation from the typical format and tropes of the genre. This story is about a journey that sometimes ends up not taking us where we expected to go.

At a glance

Name of Podcast: Counterbalance

Release Schedule:
Teasers were released Dec 2018 – Feb 2019.
Full episodes released Apr 2019 – Aug 2019.
The Series is currently on Hiatus.
It will continue at some time in 2022.

Average Run Time:
15-30 minutes per full episode



Social Media
Twitter: @trilunis
Instagram: trilunis
Facebook: TriLunis

Logo, Cover Design and
Character Artwork
: Kessi Riliniki

Constructed Language
Font and Runes
: Kessi Riliniki

Theme Music: “Sá Svar” by Fuimadane


The below is the official Season 1 trailer of Counterbalance. You are free to use it on any postings advertising Counterbalance.

Download Counterbalance Season 1 Trailer


All Images may be used for postings promoting, highlighting or featuring Counterbalance on article, blog or social media posts. Please do not use the images beyond that without asking our permission first.

You can download all images in a ZIP Package here.


Counterbalance was written, edited, produced and in large parts performed by Kessi Riliniki. Kessi is a visual artist, mediadesigner, voiceactor, podcaster and enthusiastic bunny-herder living in germany.

Though Kessi’s favorite genre is fantasy, she has found that many stories of the genre depend too heavily on the Sword and Sorcery or Elves and Orcs tropes. Kessi sought to completely forgo with the typical tropes and created her own fantasy world, language and runes for Counterbalance.

While Kessi has written scripts for comics, audio-drama and short stories before, she only recently realized what the beauty of meaningful character arks can do for a story. She started writing Counterbalance in 2016 as a means to practice writing her observations about characterizations and storytelling, intent on focusing primarily on a small cast and bringing forth the most she could with very few characters.

You can find out more about Kessi on their social media on


Carollyn Monterola-Koezle (Lyn)

Formerly a mediadesigner, she is now working a full time job as mother of twins. She debuted as a voice-actress in Kessi’s first one-off audio drama “Those Who Sing” in 2014. She has not been involved in any other podcast projects. Carollyn lives in germany.

Eyþór Viðarsson (Malaki)

Eyþór is as a self-employed electrician and dedicates the other half of his time to the creation of podcasts. He is most prominently involved in his girlfriends actual play podcast The Lucky Die. He can also be heard on The The White Vault and Dark Dice. He lives in Iceland. You can find him on twitter @Abyzzinn

Travis Vengroff (Auril)

Travis is a Musician and Podcast Producer at Fool and Scholar Productions. He and his wife Kaitlin Statz have created many award winning Podcasts since 2014, such as The White Vault, Dark Dice, Liberty and VAST Horizon. Travis lives in germany. You can find more about him on or @ventravis on Twitter.

Hem “Volonda” Cleveland (Yosha)

Hem is an Engineer who currently overlooks the safety of a hoard of Puffins and two Beluga Whales at the Beluga Whale Sanctuary in Iceland, where she lives. She is the creator of The Lucky Die Podcast. You can find her on Twitter @Volly_Londa


Sarah Buchynski – Audio Engineer

Sarah is a freelance Audio Engineer at Polarity Audio Works based out of Alberta, Canada. It is solely for her immersive Sound Design and Mixing that the world of Counterbalance is brought to life the way it is. You can contact her on Twitter @sarahb_paw or on

Jon Kasheninnikoff Skarin – Composer

Jon composes music that blends the borders of genres of viking, medieval, neo folk, folktronica and oriental music. He publishes his music under the pseudonym Fuimadane and has provided music for almost every episode of Counterbalance. He created the Counterbalance Theme “Sá Svar” together with Kessi for his first Album “Vegleitir” under Fuimadane. Jon lives in Denmark. You can find him on Twitter @fuimadane or on

© 2018-2024 Counterbalance is an intellectual property of TriLunis Studios, c/o Kessi Riliniki, in association with Blighthouse Studio

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