Episode 01 | Windshell

Aþæanuka – 95th day of Bäkkos, 5th year of the Vær, 101st Generation

Raka begins her journey to the mountain Skundr, where the Weave has torn apart. Her task is to fix the so called “Tangleweave”. Her fellow teacher and inventor Auril gives her a little trinket called Windshell.

Will the Windshell help her on her journey?



RakaKessi Riliniki

LynCarollyn Monterola

MalakiEyþór Viðarsson

AurilTravis Vengroff

YoshaHem Brewster

Akasar Eþiovar – Lani Minella

Cerafaïn – Austin Beach


Additional Voices

Whitney Johnson (Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magic Services)

Tal Minear (Ungifts)

Lucille Valentine (The Six Disappearances of Ella McCray)


Written and Dialogue Edited by Kessi Riliniki

Sounddesign by Sarah Buchynski

Theme music “Sál Svar” by Fuimadane from the album “Vegleitir“. 


Windshell activates.

Raka:    I will KILL you, you filthy little-

Raka growls.

Malaki growls.

Lyn:     Wow, wow, wow, calm down, Raka!

Malaki:  Try it, featherduster!

Lyn:     Hey! Come on, stop it! Down, boys and girls, or you’re not getting any treats!

Raka:    Step aside, Lyn!

Lyn:     Not if you’re going to hurt my Mala-Puppy!

Malaki:  It’s MALAKI!

Raka:    Didn’t you see what he did to those Spirits?!

Malaki:  Pesky Vær, they got what they deserved!

Raka:    I swear by Lyura, if I find a way to permanently remove both your äthwar, I will-

Raka growls.

Lyn:     No, Raka! Stop! No touching his Edgars!

Malaki laughs.

Windshell deactivates.

Auril:   Oh crap-

Yosha:   Um… What was… Akasar? Whats going on? What was that?

Auril:   My bad. Don’t- you don’t need to transcribe that one.

Yosha:   Too late.

Auril:   You’re quick.

Yosha:   Oh… Um… Akasar? What was-

Auril:   Anyway, apparently I neglected to sort this one out. I keep the useless ones in this box, so if you ever come across one, just… put it in here.

Yosha:   How do I know which ones you consider useless?

Auril:   Those that have no value for the documentation of Raka’s work as a patcher, or the development of the windshell are useless.

Yosha:   Alright.

Auril:   Fun, sometimes, but useless.

Yosha:   Sure.

Auril:   I think… yes, this one should be the first one. I think I already recorded the references at the end of it…

Yosha:   Alright.

Auril:   Let’s see…



Windshell activates.

Auril:   Great, it works…

Eþiovar: We don’t know the extent of the tangleweave yet. The messenger asking for support arrived last night.

Raka:    Where is it?

Eþiovar: In the south-west, near Wyvelyn – at the foot of mount Skundr, if you know the area.

Raka:    I heard of the Skundr, but I’ve never been there. Do we know anything about how wide it’s spread yet?

Eþiovar: Ah… Only a rough estimate… You know how it is with eyewitnesses for things no one can see. Hm. I don’t think there’s a map here. Auril?

Auril:   Y-Yes, Akasar Eþiovar.

Eþiovar: Ah. Do us the favor and fetch Raka a copy of maps of the Skundr and surrounding areas.

Auril:   Already done. Here…

Eþiovar: Hm. How forthcoming of you. Now let’s see… Ah yes. See, Raka, that messenger said he was from about here- on the east side of the Skundr. We can assume this as one corner. There were reports of refugees coming from further uphill who appear to have had contact with spirits, though nothing is confirmed yet. We’re probably safe to assume the tangleweave spreads from here to the peak.

Raka:    From there to the- What distance is that?

Eþiovar: This map doesn’t have a scale, it could be-

Auril:   Excuse me, Akasar Eþio-

Eþiovar: What, Auril? This is a serious briefing. And this map doesn’t have a scale, get us one that does-

Auril:   There… was another message that came in just a few moments ago. Akasar Lata sent me up to-

Eþiovar: Does it have anything to do with this Tangleweave?

Auril:   I-it does. The message comes from the west of the mountain.

Eþiovar: Well, what does it say?

Auril:   There… There’ve been more reports that indicate the tangleweave stretches out on the west as well.

Raka:    Across both sides of the mountain… What distances are we talking about?

Auril:   I tried to find a map with a scale, but there weren’t any, so I cross-reference what we knew with journals, and-

Raka:    How far, Auril.

Auril:   I couldn’t exactly tell the distance from the reports alone, but one journal indicates it took roughly 35 to 40 days on foot to cross the Skundr from one to the other side.

Raka growls.

Eþiovar: That’s not good… A tangleweave that large can potentially disrupt the magic-balance in the whole south.

Raka:    Or the whole of Zäa, if we’re unlucky. I’ll leave tonight.

Eþiovar: Ask the stables for the quickest Krekou they can give you; tell them the tangleweave on the Skundr is of utmost urgency.

Auril:   Excuse my interference, Akasar-

Eþiovar: What?

Raka:    Auril…

Auril:   Even with the quickest Krekou it will take her 2 to 3 days to reach the Skundr from here, if she didn’t stop for rest. As far as we know the tangleweave occurred a bit over a week ago. Wouldn’t this justify the use of the Watergates? There is one in Aureolyn that connects-

Eþiovar: Pah, Watergates!

Raka:    Not this again…

Eþiovar: Those are exactly the reason tangleweaves happen in the first place!

Auril:   Akasar, I’m sure Raka knows how get through a Watergate without disrupting the magic-balance-

Eþiovar: That is NOT my point, Auril- Of course you wouldn’t understand, you’re an almirian…

Auril:   Akasar…

Eþiovar: The fact that some scrawny water-mage thought of creating those and then decided to monetize their use is simply- And it’s the OTHER people that use them that cause disruptions, of course Raka wouldn’t-
You know my standpoint on this matter already!

Auril:   I- I know, but with this large a tangleweave the entire south including Kærûn is in danger of being affected. The use of a Watergate would be justified.

Eþiovar: Oh, take a Watergate if you must, Raka, but if you do, make sure I won’t hear of it! Just take care of the issue as soon as possible!
Now excuse me, I will make sure that you will receive provisions for your travels.

Eþiovar leaves the room.

Raka:    Pen… journal… the map, yes. Can you give me the map?

Auril:   Yes. Here. Well I do see her point, but this seems urgent…

Raka:    It was good that you suggested it. But you know her standpoint on newer technologies.

Auril:   All too well.

Raka:    Okay, I think I got everything… Are you coming with me?

Auril:   To the Skundr? I’m a Dezaareus, Raka, we live in the desert! I’d freeze to death before you even made your first stop-

Raka:    Not to the Skundr- to the stables!

Auril:   Oh! Yes, of course!

Raka:    Right. Lets go.

Auril:   Yes. I wanted to speak to you anyway, I… have a favor to ask.

Raka:    Of course. I should’ve known. Another one of your inventions?

There is intelligible muttering in the background.

Auril:   Well… sort of.

Students:  Akasar!
Good evening, Akasar.

Raka:    Fæhu.

Auril:   Here.

Raka:    What’s this? A snail shell?

Auril:   Yes.

Raka:    With a sphere embedded, I assume?

Auril:   Yes.

Raka:    Is this a music shell?

Auril:   Something similar. A new project.

Raka:    Down here. Come on, pick up the pace!

Auril:   By the gods… I need longer legs…

Raka:    What does it do?

Auril:   It senses disturbances on the Aetherweb. They activate it, causing it to give off a warning sound.

Raka:    By disturbances do you mean spirits?

Auril:   Spirits, spoken Runes, erratic tugging on the Aetherweb… Anything that causes ripples on the weave will set it off. Could you take it with you? I think it might be useful on your mission.

Raka:    And why do you think I need this?

Auril:   Well… the warning signal isn’t it’s main function. When you hear the sound, it starts to pick up sounds around you.

Raka:    So… like a music shell.

Auril:   Yes, but instead of recording music and storing the sounds, it will… ‘transfer’ the sounds to me.

Raka:    So you have a… ‘receptor’ that’s connected to this?

Auril:   Yes exactly. And THAT one acts as the actual recording shell-

Raka:    So it’s a long-distance music shell.

Auril:   That’s very simply put – but yes, you could call it that, I suppose, if you wanted to.

Raka:    Why do you want me to take this? Other than that warning sound I don’t see much use for it. I don’t plan on singing anything record-worthy to spirits.

Auril:   No-no-no, Raka, dear, you have to see the bigger picture! This shell will not just record music, it will pick up anything that happens around it. What you or the spirits say, how you speak with them. Which Runes you use to summon or bind them–

Raka:    Fiyar’ta, Five Bells already…

Auril:   You’re the most skilled Patcher in Kærûn.

Raka:    We should hurry.

Auril:   If we record how YOU handle situations, other students can learn from you through these recordings!

Raka:    Really Auril, I think a Patchers work is way too complex to learn from… recordings. And besides, anything I know can be read up on in the books I learned from or the journals I write. New students even get to experience a simulated tangleweave first hand in the practical courses, they don’t need this!

Auril:   Of course, but we can’t tear open a new hole into the aetherweb every year!
Look, these “Windshells” would be more like… an upgrade to books and journals. They don’t hide your trial and error, yet document anything you do in order to banish the spirits!

Raka:    I don’t BANISH spirits, Auril, I’m FIXING the tangleweave! I’m trying to impress the gods, and I don’t think banishing their maintenance-workers will particularly impress them.

Auril:   L-look, these shells are just a test for now. The magistrate still has to approve of them, but in order to demonstrate my concept I need some genuine material to convince them, ideally recordings from a field test-

Raka:    So you’re asking me to be your test subject.

Auril:   N-no, you’d be more like… a pioneer!

Raka:    Semantics. It doesn’t matter what YOU call it, it still amounts to the same thing!

Auril:   The shell can also help out with keeping track of your travels, verify your journal entries, maybe even replace your journals all together.

Raka:    You know I like to write those by hand. I don’t even use the… those pens that write spoken words on paper?

Auril:   You mean Scribers?

Raka:    Yes those.

Auril:   See, you write journals after the fact whether you write by hand or with Scribers. You note down events in wrong order or forget things… and I know how much you hate forgetting things, so this can help you keep track of real events AS they happen. They help preserve the moment better than memories!

Raka:    My memory is great, Auril. What are you talking about?

Students:  Oh, Akasar!

Yosha:   Ah- Good evening, Akasar Auril!

Auril:   Ah, Good evening!

Raka:    Fæhu.

Students: Good evening, Akasar.

Auril:   Done with your studies yet?

Students:  Evening class.

Auril:   Ah.

Raka:    Come on, Auril. I don’t have-

Yosha:   Oh- and Akasar Raka…

Raka:    Yosha-

Yosha:   Your feathers look good today!

Raka:    My… feathers? Thanks.

Yosha:   Yes!

Raka:    Yosha, are you alright?

Yosha:   I- got to go, see you!

Yosha runs away.

Raka:    Whats wrong with her? She’s… a little odd, isn’t she?

Auril:   Only when you’re around. Anyway, I promise you, other than the warning signal when it activates it won’t be much of a bother to you. You can just hang it around your neck and forget about it!

Raka:    Sure, and you can stalk me more effectively with that LEASH around my neck. You could even listen in when I go to bed with people; wouldn’t that be utterly convenient to you?

Auril:   Oh come on Raka, you know I haven’t stalked you since we graduated.

Raka:    I’m just joking.

Auril:   Besides, the shell contains a node to the wind-web. And if anyone knows how to tether off a wind-web, it’s you.

Raka:    The gods know I do.

Auril:   A-and these shells could actually get you one step closer to impressing the gods, you know?

Raka:    How so?

Auril:   Just imagine it! Not only will my invention be a milestone, but the first ever windshells will have recordings of your work, the greatest Patcher of Kærûn! Generations of future students will be able to learn from your journey! You’ll become a legend! The gods are bound to hear of you eventually!

Raka:    Just give me that damned thing.

Auril:   Hah! I knew that last one would get you!

Raka:    Oh shut up. You’ll owe me for this!

Auril:   Of course! You know what? When you get back I’ll cook for you- I’ll indulge you! How about an almirian dish with mushrooms from Bäkkos? I’m sure I can conjure something up you haven’t tried yet.

Raka:    Exotic! Now that sounds like something to come back to.

Auril:   It’s a deal then!

There is intelligible muttering in the background.

Raka:    Cerafaïn?

Cerafaïn:  Ah, Raka. What you need?

Raka:    Quickest Krekou you have. And an escort. I’m taking it through a watergate to Aureolyn, then out to the Foot of the Skundr. I need someone to take the Krekou back here once I get to the Skundr.

Cerafaïn:  You cross the Skundr on foot?

Raka:    Well, unless you managed to breed Krekou that can withstand cold climates.

Cerafaïn:  Don’t be silly, Krekou are made for the plains, completely useless in mountainous areas. Anyway, I’ll make sure you have two Krekou and an escort ready in the morning.

Raka:    No, we need to leave today.

Cerafaïn:  Today?! Fiyar’ta.

Raka:    There’s a big tangleweave up on the mountain that needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. I need to get there as fast as I can.

Cerafaïn:  Alright, alright. I’ll have them ready for you within the hour.

Raka:    Great. Come on, Auril.

Auril:   Where are we going now?

Raka:    My quarters, I’ll pack a few more things and spare clothes.

Auril:   Right. Make sure you pack something warm, the Skundr is supposed to be quite cold.

Raka:    So I’ve heard. Are you good on imbued threads? I might be gone for a while.

Auril:   Oh, I’m all stocked up on yours; it’s your counterbalances that I keep running short on.

Raka:    You need to meet new people…

Auril:   I know some, but there aren’t many people with earth or wind äthwars.

Raka:    They’re not as practical as water or fire.

Auril:   I can think of several situations where a wind-äthwar would come in handy in the desert. And… I do have a higher consumption of wind-enchantments on my inventions. Speaking of which, one more on the windshell… I’m still working on the enchantment. One of the things on my to-do list is… trying to make communication possible both ways – y’know, so we could actually speak to each other long distance. Y-You could ask me to do researches for you when you need it!

Raka:    How long till you to figure that out?

Auril:   Still working on it… Not sure if I can manage to get that to work before you’re done patching, to be honest. You tend to be rather quick.

Raka:    Well, if I need to cross the entire Skundr on Foot to find the right Væron to talk to, I’ll be gone for around 35-40 days.

Auril:   Don’t get your hopes up, though. The enchantments appear to be more intricate than I originally thought.

Raka:    Fine. Just don’t get too intrusive if you figure it out and we’re good.

Auril:   This is a field test for now, so I expect it might behave… unexpectedly on occasion. Don’t worry about that, I’ll brush out the nicks as we go.

Raka:    Can you do that from that distance?

Auril:   Some things, not everything. If you notice anything odd or have any ideas that would make this thing more useful to you or your work, you can let me know when the thing is on. Just speak to it as if it was me, alright?

Raka:    Sure. I’ll give it a try. Is this thing transmitting right now? I can sense ripples on the wind-web.

Auril:   Oh. Oh Yea, I turned it on before I entered the study. Wanted to make sure it works properly. Wouldn’t want to hand you broken goods, y’know? You won’t be able to activate it yourself, but using your elements as counterbalance you should be able to tether it off-

Raka:    Redundant, Auril.

Auril:   But yea, why am I telling this.

Raka:    I got this.

Windshell deactivates.

Auril:   Okay, that worked well… That was… ‘recorded’ about 15 fragments ago. First Test-run went well…
Yep, Transmission worked flawlessly. Voices and environment seem to have come through clear. No Runes had been used in it’s vicinity yet, nor are there any Spirits on campus, so how the Windshell will react to those remains to be seen.
The Date is… let’s see…
Aþæanuka on the 95th day of Bäkkos, 5th year of the Vær in the 101st generation.
Vocal enchantments were woven by Kessi Riliniki, Eyþór Viðarsson, Carollyn Monterola, Travis Vengroff, Hem Brewster, Lani Minella and Austin Beach.
Music-Shells provided by Fuimadane; yes I listen to ambient music sometimes when I work.
Audio-Enhancements by Sarah Buchynski.
Written and Produced by Kessi Riliniki.
Note to self: Work on two-way communication.
If anyone listening to this from the archives has any suggestions on refining the enchantments to make that possible, you can send me messages to “Auril”, AT-Rune, Trilunis dot com. Or you can send me bird-chirps using the AT-Rune “Trilunis”. You can also leave a message on that Book with the Face on it – those who’ve been to the archive will know the one. Just look for the Page titled “Trilunis” and press your thumb on the seal to open it.
Alright, looks like all I can do now is wait for the next recording to come in. Let’s hope the enchantments work at that range…


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