Episode 14 | Building Bridges

Nesþanuka – 102th day of Bäkkos, 5th year of the Vær, 101st Generation

Raka, Lyn and Malaki find a bridge they need to cross before they can continue their merry journey. Can they make it across?



RakaKessir Riliniki

LynCarollyn Monterola

MalakiEyþór Viðarsson

Ferryce – Ester Ellis

??? – Boyd Barrett

AurilTravis Vengroff

YoshaHem Brewster


Written and Dialogue Edited by Kessir Riliniki

Sounddesign by Sarah Buchynski

Music by Fuimadane


DISCLAIMER: The transcripts bellow are taken “as is” from the Production script. Sometimes Actors improvise lines during recording that feel better, or a change was made during dialogue editing to optimize the flow of the conversation. The bellow transcript does not reflect these changes and might therefore ocasionally not match the words said in the episodes.

Windshell activates.

Lyn:      Shit, I think that triggered the-

Raka:     (strained, pulling the string of the bow) Focus. Where do I aim?

Lyn:      A little higher- Stop. Slightly to the right- Stop! Okay, stay like that… Aaaand… Shoot!

Ferryce:  Perfect.

Lyn:      Yay! Go fetch, Malaki!

Malaki:   Yen ṽodyia! (Wind Rune: blow away)

Raka:     No, no, no- (tense) Fiyar’ta, I completely forgot that I returned his äthwar yesterday.

Lyn:      And he didn’t fly away yet! Well, granted he and I were pretty much out of order until this morning.

Raka:     Why did you have to remind him to use it?

Lyn:      Aww, come on! This way, each of us has a part in threading the needle-arrow through the weaves. Don’t you think that’s beautiful? And we’re getting better at doing this, too!

Raka:     Well, firing straight down a cliff instead of up into the sky helps.

Lyn:      See? That’s where Malaki comes in handy. How else would you have gotten the arrow back otherwise?

Raka:     (sighs) You’re… right. But still…

Malaki:   Here you-

Raka:     (Fire Rune) Pafyrinrir!
(Water Rune) Lynar!
(Aether Rune) Þamrïa Malakiri wyv!

Malaki:   NO! (he graps his left eye in pain) Kokol frith- I haven’t done anything wrong!

Raka:     Just a precaution.

Lyn:      (sighs) Raka…

Malaki:   If I wanted to leave, I had time for that all morning-

Raka:     Come on, we better move out of the aetherfrays now.

Windshell deactivates.
Windshell activates.

Raka:     Fenet Ronturi (Fire Rune: jewel torch)

Raka:     Huh. That… worked- that’s… odd.

Lyn:      That’s good for us, right?

Raka:     Sure, but usually you can’t weave runes inside the tangleweave.

Lyn:      But Malaki used runes earlier, didn’t he?

Raka:     I thought that might’ve been a lucky accident that happens near the aetherfrays, but apparently that was not the case.

Ferryce:  This tangleweave is a little different from how you probably think of it. It is not literally a hole, more a… a tear, with a lose piece of weave at the center.

Raka:     Ah… I’ve heard that happens once the tangleweave exceeds a certain size. I haven’t actually patched one like this before.

Ferryce:  There is a first time for everything, even for a great patcher like you.

Raka:     I wonder what keeps the lose piece at the center in place… Er, anyway, is this alright, Ferryce?

Ferryce:  The light? It doesn’t bother me.

Raka:     Great. I’ll leave it on, then.

Lyn:      Um. Did your rune trigger the windshell, or was that a spirit?

Raka:     I think that was my rune. Auril said it reacts to disturbances. Using runes might count for that as well.

Malaki:   Then you won’t need to use my tether anymore to activate it.

Raka:     (sarcastic) Well thank the fourteen for that. Auril, just in case you need that information… On that map you gave me, we’re…

Raka:     Roughly East-Northeast of the last village we were at last- I think it’s the one called Yarlaræd on the map. That’s also where Ferryce’s Sanctuary is.

Ferryce:  He doesn’t need to know that. I don’t want the location of my sanctuary to be on your map.

Lyn:      Welp, too late now.

Raka:     If you trace the path from Aureolyn to the Skundr’s peak, there’s a river with a waterfall near the village. That’s where the Aetherfrays were. Now we’re heading up a narrow… gulch? Canyon? Not sure if that’s the correct word. I think the cartographer tried to draw it in but it honestly looks more like another river.

Lyn:      I think it looks like bacon stripes.

Raka:     (sighs) Well, let’s just move on.

Lyn:      You gona leave it on? The windshell I mean.

Raka:     Sure, why not. Let’s give Auril some boring hiking ambience. He’ll love experiencing the fresh nightly mountain air second hand. He rarely leaves his study anyway.

Lyn:      At least now we have light.

Malaki:   We COULD have a torch, if it wasn’t for your fear of fire.

Lyn:      Yea, about that. Thanks for looking out for me, by the way.

Raka:     Don’t mind it.

Malaki:   At least you appreciate it…

Lyn:      Doesn’t that gem heat up your forehead, Raka? Light being energy and that stuff.

Raka:     A little, but it’s not unpleasant. I’m more worried about Ferryce.

Ferryce:  I appreciate your concern, but I am fine. I do not feel, like you do.

Lyn:      Gosh, I could use a little warmth right now. It’s gotten a bit chilly, hasn’t it?

Malaki:   It’s the ridge. Stones are cold.

Ferryce:  The Fynar Vaer would beg to differ.

Raka:     I have another coat, but… it’s at the bottom of my backpack…

Malaki:   We don’t have time for that, we can’t linger here. You can wear my fur-cloak for a bit.

Lyn:      But then you will be cold.

Malaki:   (sly) I have fur of my own. The Kyrja feels warm to me.

Raka:     Or you can hold on to the heatsphere for a bit, if you want.

Lyn:      Aww, thanks, you guys! I’m just being smothered by love today, aren’t I? But seriously, can’t we just make a camp soon? I’m dead tired…

Malaki:   We can’t camp here, I told you before.

Lyn:      Yea and then you started babbling about a Rig-Yellers or whatever, that could possibly kill us and I still don’t know what that is.

Malaki:   Rygiel! Big mountain birds! They nest in these ridges. They need a lot of sustenance and will not hesitate to attack Kyrjir OR Skurka!

Raka:     I think you’re overcautious. Rygiel are active during day. It’s almost dark, we’ll be safe until morning.

Malaki:   This is their territory. Night or Day doesn’t matter, they know the ridges better than we.

Raka:     Well what do you suggest then?

Malaki:   We follow this gorge. I was here before, if I remember correctly there is a narrow canyon with a bridge up ahead, beyond that there is a forest.

Raka:     And we’ll be safe there?

Malaki:   Rygiel have a hard time getting through trees.

Raka:     Fine. Let’s hope you remember correctly.

Lyn:      You know, Raka, now that your gem glows I have to say, it’s really pretty.

Raka:     Uh… Thanks.

Malaki:   I prefer darkness hide her gruesome face.

Lyn:      Oh shut up, Raka is handsome.

Malaki:   I don’t agree.

Lyn:      You’re handsome too. I’ve been wondering, Raka, do all of your people have those things on their forehead?

Raka:     Of course.

Lyn:      Do they… do anything with them? Like putting jewelry around it to accentuate it?

Raka:     I’m not up to date with Miru fashion, but some females decorate their gems with leather-bands and beads. Some also add precious stones around it.

Lyn:      Do men do anything to theirs?

Raka:     Some polish it. Others carve things into it. Most prefer less permanent adornment, drawn on with brushes.

Lyn:      Uuuh, like nail art but on your forhead? That’s cool! What kind of stuff do you write on them?

Raka:     Well, many centuries ago, there was a Miru cult that operated in Wakalyaluri. Some of it’s members would paint occult symbols on their gems that signaled something to other members. Some Miru outside of the cult thought that was a great idea and started painting runes of strength and prosperity on their gems instead, which is still done to this day.

Lyn:      Or the name of their lovers?

Raka:     I’ve not seen that done.

Lyn:      That’s cool, though. You should do that, too.

Raka:     Write the names of my lovers on my gem?

Lyn:      No, silly. Adorn yourself. I’m sure accentuating your gem would look good on you.

Ferryce:  (chuckles)

Raka:     I’m really not one for adornments.

Malaki:   She should just wear a mask.

Raka:     Made of your skin, preferably.

Lyn:      Touché.

Malaki:   (laughs) You’ll first need to catch me.

Raka:     I see an opening ahead.

Malaki:   That’s the gulch. We are on the right path.

Raka:     Great. Let’s hope your bridge is there, too.

Malaki:   The Bridge is down there. The pass behind it leads to the forest.

Lyn:      Are you sure that bridge is usable? It looks like its falling apart.

Malaki:   I don’t know. When I passed by here last time I had wind runes.

Raka:     We’ll see.

Lyn:      If it’s broken, will you carry me over, Raka?

Raka:     (annoyed groan) What’s the point of that, if I fall, you fall.

Lyn:      But at least it was your fault.

Raka:     (sighs)

Raka:     Well?

Malaki:   Seems sturdy to me. But I am not as heavy as either of you.

Lyn:      Did he just call us fat?

Raka:     Let me see.

Lyn:      Ooooh damn this goes quite a ways down!

Raka:     It seems sturdy enough to hold all three of us…

Lyn:      Raka, can you shine your head-light down there?

Raka:     (nervous) There’s nothing down there-

Lyn:      Damn, even your light can’t reach to the bottom! Do you think there’s a river running bellow us?

Malaki:   No river. You could hear a river.

Raka:     (suddenly overcome by fright) Let’s just get going.

Malaki:   I’ll go first.

Lyn:      Raka, can you walk behind me? You’re bigger than me, you can shine your light over my head. I want to be able to see where I’m going.

Raka:     (anxious) S-sure, just get going-

Lyn:      Watch your step, half a plank missing here.

Raka:     (distracted) W- what? Oh…

Ferryce:  Take it easy. One step at a time.

Raka:     (anxious) You’re the one talking… you’re not the one walking…

Lyn:      Are you afraid of heights?

Raka:     (frightened and starts to hyperventilate) N- No?
Malaki: If she was, she would’ve panicked at the aetherfrays.

Lyn:      True. But something isn’t right with her. Are you Okay?

Raka:     (very nervous) I’m fine, just keep walking-

Lyn:      Maybe you should walk in front of me, so I-

Raka:     (pressing, with some anger) Just- Just keep walking!

Lyn:      It’s ok, we don’t need to rush-

Raka:     (angry and nervous) For Eväi’s sake, just hurry up already-

Ferryce:  Calm down, Raka.

Voices:   See that, Raka?

Lyn: Raka?

Raka:     (frightened whisper) No…

Voices:   Do you see that?!

Lyn: Hey, are you alright?

Raka:     No!

Voices:   Do you not SEE it, or do you not WANT to see it?

Malaki: (impatient) Move, feather-duster.

Raka:     I… I can’t…

Ferryce:  Get up, Raka! I’m not interested in having you fall to your death out here.

Voices:   Look, Raka! Gorgeous isn’t it?

Raka:     No… no… noooo…

Lyn: Woa, are you alright? … Raka?

Malaki: We don’t have time.

Lyn: Something is wrong with her, Malaki.

Raka:     (breathless at first, then getting increasingly louder) No… shut up… Stop it- Shut up!

Malaki: (annoyed growl) Kokol farue- If the Rygiel didn’t know we were here before, they know now.

Raka:     (helpless and close to tears) A’sarkra nah’flæþis fiyar’ta…
(For the sake of the fourteen gods)

Lyn: You’re upsetting her!

Malaki: I- I’m NOT upsetting her, something else is!

Ferryce:  She doesn’t hear you.

Malaki: We-We have to get her off the-the bridge!

Voices:   What DO you see, Raka?

Raka:     (heavy beathing) No… No! You can’t FORCE me to-

Malaki: Don’t argue, feather-duster!

Lyn: We have to get her off the bridge!

Ferryce: Something is frightening her.

Lyn: Yea, I get that-

Malaki: She’s terrified!

Lyn: Is there a spirit causing that?

Ferryce: No. I would know if there was. This is all just her.

Voices:   What do you SEE?

Raka:     I- I can’t-

Voices:   Obscurity?

Raka:     (distressed) No…

Voices:   Infinity?

Raka:     (distressed) No!

Voices:   Eternity?

Raka:     (distressed) Please stop, I don’t-

Voices:   The aunt you have lost to your own stupidity?

Raka:     (pleading) Stop!

Voices:   What then? What DO you see?

Raka:     Nothing… there is nothing…

Lyn: It only seems that way because your headlight can’t shine that far, Raka. Come on, get up.

Malaki: (urgent) If you know what it is, do something!

Ferryce:  (groaning) That is not part of our Oathbond!

Voices:   Do you know what lies within nothing?

Raka:     No…

Voices:   Do you know where it ends?

Raka:     (frightened breath)

Voices:   Do you WANT to know?

Raka:     (fearful, breathing heavily) Yes…

Voices:   (ominous chuckle)

Malaki:   (with urgency) Kokol frith- A Rygiel!

Lyn:      That- THAT’S a Rygiel?! Shit- It must’ve heard her scream.

Ferryce:  (with urgency) You have to get her off the bridge, NOW!

Lyn:      Raka? Raka!

Malaki:   (with urgency) Grab her arm, we’ll lift her.

Lyn:      But she’s huge!

Malaki:   (with a malicious smirk) We’ll lift her together!

Lyn:      Fine! We can do this! (strained, pulling at her arm) She’s not letting go of the railing! Raka! (trying to free her hand from the railing) Let- go! (frustrated) Come on, Raka! Pull yourself together!

Malaki:   There’s no time to be clingy, feather-duster!

Lyn:      I can’t loosen her grip!

Malaki:   (frustrated and strained, as he tries to free her grip) Let GO!

Lyn:      (pulling) Huh? Oh shit, her headlight- What’s going on?! Why did her headlight turn off?

Ferryce:  She lost her grip on the äthwars!

Lyn:      Wait, all of them?

Malaki:   Yes! Hold on tight-
YEN ṽODYïA! (Wind Rune: blow away)

Windshell deactivates.

Yosha:    (anxious, worried, worked up) Wh- what? Is Raka alright? Fiyar’ta- this can’t be it!

Auril:    (pondering) Fascinating. I wonder where that voices she heard came from. It appears Lyn and Malaki couldn’t hear them, yet they were picked up on the windshell-

Yosha:    (anxious) Akasar! Can we turn on the windshell remotely?

Auril:    Hm? Ah- No, I’m afraid it doesn’t have such a function.

Yosha:    (anxious) Then it needs to be on the to-do list!

Yosha:    (anxious) We don’t know what happened to her- is she okay? She’s got to be, right?

Auril:    You have to calm down, Yosha.

Yosha:    How can I calm down?! Raka is in trouble, Akasar! How can YOU be so calm?

Auril:    (sighs) Because these recordings came in a while ago. There’s a second one that came in after this one.

Yosha:    (disbelief) A second one?

Auril:    Indeed. And it wasn’t ongoing when I came in, so SOMEONE must’ve ended it. Unless Malaki did the same thing he did in this recording, of course.

Yosha:    Then what are we waiting for, let’s-

Auril:    Calm down already. First, let us finish the references.

Yosha:    (sniffling) Alright, I’m ready.

Auril:    Date of recording was Nesþanuka (NES-tha-nook-ah) on the 102nd day of Bäkkos (BEK-kos), 5th year of the Vær (Veyr) in the 101st generation.
Vocal enchantments were woven by Kessi Riliniki, Eyþór Viðarsson, Carollyn Monterola, Chad Ellis, Boyd Berett, Hem Cleveland and Travis Vengroff.
Music-Shells provided by Fuimadane.
Audio-Enhancements by Sarah Buchynski.
Written and Produced by Kessi Riliniki.


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