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Meet Raka and Auril, two teachers at the university of Kærûn, as they experiment with new magic technology, while a student recites a Poem for their entertainment.



RakaKessi Riliniki

AurilTravis Vengroff

YoshaHem Cleveland

Sasvar – Tanja Milojevic (LightningBolt Theatre)


Additional Voices

Carollyn Monterola

Kessi Riliniki

Hem Brewster


Written and Dialogue Edited by Kessi Riliniki

Sounddesign by Sarah Buchynski

Theme music “Sál Svar” by Fuimadane from the album “Vegleitir“. 


The scene starts in the busy hallways of Kaerun. The university building is old, its hallways made of stone.

It is between classes. Students gather in smaller groups, chatting as they wait before the classrooms, or rush through the halls to their next classes.

Auril peeks out of a small study at the corner of the halls.

Auril:   (to a student in the room behind him) Just a moment.

Sasvar:  Of course.

The door squeaks, as it pulls close, but doesn’t shut entirely.

Auril looks around until he spots Raka in the crowd. He rushes toward in a haste.

Auril:   (recognizing Raka) Ah!
(rushing toward her) Raka? Raka!- Oh excuse me-

He makes his way past a group of giggling Students that stand just a little too spread out through the hallway.

Student 1:      (giggling) Oh, Akasar!

Student 2:      (hushed whisper) Did you see him?

Student 3:      He’s handsome…

Student 4:      You think?

Auril:   Raka!

A few steps ahead, Raka is standing in the hallway with Yosha.

Yosha:   (flustered) I know… I’m sorry. I’m trying my best to-

Raka:    Just make sure to keep note, next time-

Auril:   Raka!

Yosha:   Fæhu, Akasar!

Raka:    Ah, Auril. What is it?

Auril:   Do you have a moment?

Raka:    Not long.

Auril:   Can you come with me for a moment?

Raka:    (sighs) We’ll speak later, Yosha.

Yosha:   (flustered) Yes please- I mean, Yes, of course!

Auril rushes back down the hall to the little study in the corner. Raka trails behind him.

Raka:    I really don’t have that much time, I have to prepare the next class-

Auril:   I’ll be just a moment.

He and Raka enter the tight space of the study. The small study appears to be a tiny storage area, littered with books and curtains. Inside, another Student is standing by one of the shelves, idly reading a light book.

Sasvar:  Ah, Akasar… Akasar Raka?

Raka:    Sasvar? Auril, what are you doing with a student in the closet?

Auril:   This isn’t a closet. We were doing some experiments.

Raka:    (sighs) “Experiments”, Auril? Really?

Auril:   (sheepish laugh) For a new invention! I need your help.

Raka:    (sighs) Fine. But this better be quick.

Auril:   There is something strange that happens with my newest Project. It reacts to… er, let’s just say… Runes?

Raka:    Alright, and?

Auril:   Sasvar here was reciting that poem, the… err, what was it called again?

Sasvar:  þamræ ṽal Væram

Raka:    Ah, “Bonding with the Spirits”.

Auril:   Yes, she was reciting it in þæanæa earlier and my invention – I call it the “windshell”, reacted. I asked her to recite it in the native Azyri,  and it reacted again.

Raka:    So it does react to Runes.

Auril:   That’s what I’m thinking. It seemed to have a stronger reaction to Azyri, but it wasn’t strong enough to get any useful data out of it.

Raka:    And now you need me to…

Auril:   Recited the poem in Azyri, while sasvar will recite it in þæanæa. I am hoping that will-

Raka:    Cause a stronger reaction.

Auril:   Exactly.

Raka:    I’m not the only one in the university you could’ve asked, Auril, there’s others that speak Azyri-

Auril:   (with a knowing grin) But not others that speak with tongues of flame.

Raka:    (sighs) Fine. But only once, I don’t have all day.

Auril:   Once is fine.

Raka:    Alright. Ready?

Sasvar:  I’m ready.

Raka:    Go.

Sasvar:  To bind a spirit, one must know
To see and write the aethers flow.
To lure and croon them, ere they show,
And you can bind them with a vow.

Raka:    Vær ṽil’duh ko’þamræ yon pa’nes sæar,
Ko’fah fai ko’skiṽhæ kun lynri æþar,
Pa’cym fai pa’run’mil mër leïruþ-h nahr,
Fai nahïr val’miun ṽil’þamræ ra’tar.

Sasvar:  The cleft of worlds might cause you grieve,
Yet overcome the aether’s cleave
And pull a spirit from the weave.
But sooth their fury, lest they leave!

Raka:    Tusur, dagurĥ niṽræ nakari garïe
Vor nakar ta æþar duh’vinþæ tarïe
Fai sæa væron valtæ takun’narïe
Vor duh’ĥwyþ vin’nahïr, mër garæ yorïe!

The Windshell turns on.

Raka:    What was-

Auril:   Oh- Ignore that. Keep going.

Sasvar:  Nurse them, tend them, do them just.
Obey; Revere them, if you must!
Labor hard to gain their trust,
Lest they shun or turn to dust.

Raka:    Vriaṽhia, meþahia, anakia kahïr,
Duïnia, kroisia, ïria dio’nah ṽil pa’trailïr!
ṽalya ko’ṽalþa, gwerïa mehanïr,
Ynkæntu ceræ fai hen-h ĥævïr!

The ambience around them shifts, and turns into the ominous whispering of spirits.

Sasvar:  Once the spirits’ mistrust died,
It freely will come to your side,
Its favor full in you confide,
Will grant your touch upon its hide,
Then guide your quill, but show no fright!
Fear they sense when hand meets hide!
Thus take your ink and will to write,
Rune by rune your spell must cite.

Raka:    Yon kari aontu ṽodya-e yena,
Yon kari kuuma ræþ-h dio’nisa,
Kanahri ṽalya vrinæ dio’tæ ra
Aĥe’tæ ahun-h tïa’neheta,
Yon skiṽhan oyas, vour fyn’vastuĥ!
Ker hæ’nah, val fara turuĥ-
Do you hear that?

Auril:   Hm? Continue the Poem, Raka.

Raka:    Wait wait, can’t you hear that?

Auril:   I don’t know what you mean.

Sasvar continues to recite the poem in the background.

Sasvar:  Write your charm upon each plume,
All skin or fur shall bear your rune,
The spirits by your bond be swoon,
Steady yet!
A slip and it will dust to gloom!
Write your runes upon all scales,
Runes of storm and that of gales,
That of thunder and of hails,
Guide the spirit with your trails!
Write your names into its blood,
Names of cinder and of flood,
Of the trees, of plants, of mud,
To heed your calls and come in scud.
Bind your spirit, forge the bond
To your voice bound to respond
Call it from the world beyond
But beware!
Be of your spirit ever fond!

Raka:    You… don’t hear it?

Auril:   Hear what?

Raka:    The noise, the… never mind. If you can’t hear it, that must mean…

Auril:   Just continue with the poem.


Raka:    Sasvar?

(no response other than that she continues reciting the poem)

Auril:   Oh… interesting…

Raka:    Sasvar, can you hear me?

Auril:   The windshell reacted to the poem…

Raka:    Sasvar, you can stop now.


Auril:   Her recitation continues to-

Raka starts shaking Sasvar.

Raka:    Shut up, Auril, something’s wrong with her- Sasvar?

Auril:   Sasvar, can you hear us?

Sasvar snaps out of it at this point. The ambience shifts back to normal.

Sasvar:  (confused) W-what? Akasar Auril and Raka? What…

Raka:    Ah, good. You’ve snapped out of it.

Sasvar:  What… was that?

Auril:   You continued to recite the poem.

Sasvar:  I… did?

Auril:   Did you hear anything unusual?

Sasvar:  Unusual? I don’t think so…

Raka:    (sighs) At any rate, I have to go, next class will start any moment.

Sasvar:  Oh- Then I have to go too, sorry Akasar!

Raka and Sasvar stomp out the room.

Auril:   Err… alright… Hm… I wonder… what the windshell recorded. Let’s see-

Windshell deactivates.

“Sál Svar” starts to play.

Counterbalance. Coming Early 2019.


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