Episode 05 | Vicious Circle

Tzanuka – 96th day of Bäkkos, 5th year of the Vær, 101st Generation

Raka is forced to summon the gluttonous spirit into the world to sooth it. With her two new companions causing more damage to her work than she’d like, can she manage to get the spirit under control before it consumes her?



RakaKessir Riliniki

Spirit – Cole Burkhart (The Lavender Ladies)

LynCarollyn Monterola

MalakiEyþór Viðarsson

AurilTravis Vengroff

Tarlos – Domien de Groot (Audio Epics)

Krosta – Lucille Valentine (The Six Disappearances of Ella McCray)

HeadchiefOwen McCuen


Additional Voices

Karim Kronfli

Hem Brewster (The Lucky Die)

Matthew Boudreau (11th Hour Audio)

Whitney Johnson (Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magic Services)

Tal Minear (Ungifts)


Written and Dialogue Edited by Kessir Riliniki

Sounddesign by Sarah Buchynski

Music by Fuimadane


Windshell activates.

Lyn:     Oh- there we go.

Raka:    Fiyar’ta-

Lyn:     Phone is on.

Raka:    I thought we lost it.

Lyn:     Did it go out of range and come back?

Raka:    Probably. Not sure what keeps it here, it must want to head back to higher altitudes.

Malaki:  It might be sticking around to regain its strength.

Lyn:     Oh.

Malaki:  Returning to the peak is very energy-consuming.

Raka:    Or maybe it just wants to lick its wounds and then come back for you.

Lyn:     Wait- do you mean me?

Raka:    No for him!

Lyn:     Oh. Well it DID say it wants to make sure you wouldn’t hurt any others of its kind.

Malaki:  It’s the prey that wants to play with it’s hunter. Now with a physical form, it will lose it’s mind and senses soon. Then I can take it with ease-

Raka:    Don’t you have ANY respect for spirits?!

Malaki:  Pah! Respect for Vær!

Raka:    Yes!

Malaki:  They don’t respected Skurka! I don’t see the reason I should-

Raka:    I see why the spirit wanted to incapacitate you…

Lyn:     Well. We’re at the paddock. Can we just do this really quick? I don’t know how you two feel about this but my makeshift shoes are getting really soggy and uncomfortable. I just wana get back into my room and sleep…

Raka:    Agreed. I don’t want be out here any longer than necessary. Let’s try to hurry this along.

Lyn:     Okay, so what’s your plan?

Raka:    I will draw a circle around you. The spirit used you to enter this world, it must go through you again to leave it.

Lyn:     Wait, wait- Hold on. Did I get that right? We’re doing that AGAIN? And this time in reverse? No way in HELL am I doing that again!

Raka:    I’ll make sure it will be less unpleasant for you this time.

Lyn:     No! I’m not doing it!

Raka:    Its either that or letting it roam free.

Lyn:     I don’t care, let it roam free then. That thing isn’t my problem!

Malaki:  Or sink your fangs into it and rip out it’s throat.

Raka:    RUNT! More advice like that and I’ll execute them on you instead.

Malaki:  It’s MALAKI, feather-duster! MA-LA-KI!

Lyn:     Hold it right there. If YOU want HER to call you by your proper name, why don’t you start by calling HER by HER actual name?

Malaki:  You… You GAVE me th-that word, human! I don’t know her name…

Lyn:     Her name is Raka.

Malaki:  Ra… Ra-ku. Raku. I remember.

Lyn:     Uhhh. What?

Raka:    It’s RaKA!

Malaki:  You’re barely older than me! You’re not an elder, and I won’t acknowledge it until you prove it to me!

Lyn:     Um… What’s he talking about?

Raka:    A silly southern naming tradition. I don’t have time for this, call me whatever you want then.

Lyn:     The amaziiiiiing Raka! And I’m Lyn, by the way. Just so you don’t have to call me human all the time.

Malaki:  Lyn. Like River.

Raka:    To get back on topic… Lyn, I’ll make sure it won’t hurt as much as the first time.

Lyn:     Won’t hurt as much as the first time… that’s what they all say…

Raka:    I’ll just need to formulate a very meaningful pledge.

Lyn:     I really hope you’re not just saying that to make me feel better…

Raka:    Trust me.

Malaki:  Hey- No, no, I have a better idea! Don’t use your fragile human pet as the sacrifice, use me instead!

Raka:    No way am I leaving YOU unattended with a spirit in a bonding circle!

Malaki:  I know how to push a Vær back.

Raka:    I don’t care if you-

Malaki:  If I show you that I don’t harm it, that proofs I-

Lyn:     Wait hold on!

Raka:    What?

Lyn:     Did he just say sacrifice?

Malaki:  Yes, sacrifice-

Raka:    Poor choice of words, don’t worry about it.

Lyn:     No, he clearly said sacrifice. Tell me more about that!

Malaki:  Your human has more common sense than you, feather-

Raka:    For Eväis sake! Yes, you give the spirit a bait, but that is only figuratively speaking! It’s not really-

Lyn:     “Bait” is not a much better than “sacrifice”!

Malaki:  The longer the Vær stay manifested, the more it will lose its senses.

Raka:    Shut up, runt!

Malaki:  It won’t WANT to go back.

Raka:    (growls)

Malaki:  It knows the human as the gateway. If Raku puts you back in the circle-

Raka:    No!

Malaki:  -it will try to destroy you so it can’t be forced back.

Lyn:     Wait, what?! Were you going to tell me about that, Raka?

Raka:    That won’t happen, I won’t let it.

Lyn:     So BAIT wasn’t just a figure of speech?

Malaki:  Conducting business with the Vær is always a risk.

Raka:    I KNOW what kind of circle I need to craft to keep the spirit under control!

Lyn:     Oh yea, so maybe YOU have faith in your circles, I certainly don’t! Especially not after the last one I stepped into CAUSED me to be used by that thing in the first place!

Raka:    You STEPPED into it even though I told you not to!

Lyn:     And if what Malaki says is true, I’m not stepping into it again!

Raka:    I can put the thing under control, trust me!

Lyn:     After you didn’t even bother telling me of possible consequences, you expect me to trust you?

Raka:    Because there- There weren’t-

Lyn:     I don’t think I WANT to trust you!

Malaki:  She can put a leash on the Vær, like she did on me.

Raka:    Exactly! See, even the runt agrees.

Lyn:     I don’t KNOW anything about your weird magics, and your bondage circles or spirits.

Raka:    That’s why I-

Lyn:     You could be telling me anything because I wouldn’t know about it! And from my experience you fur-guys have not been utterly nice to humans. For all I know you might be putting me on a silver plate as spirit-snack just so you can get a hold of the thing.

Raka:    What? No! I’m not, trust me-

Lyn:     My god, Raka! You sound like a broken record!

Raka:    A what?

Lyn:     YOU didn’t tell me of possible consequences, you would’ve let me walk right into it if Malaki hadn’t brought it up! How am I supposed to trust you if you wouldn’t even tell me my life was at risk?!

Raka:    Because it was never at risk, I KNOW how to get a spirit under control!

Lyn:     You could at least have told me about the possible dangers!

Raka:    There weren’t any-

Malaki:  I go in the circle! The Vær wants me, maybe more than to destroy the gateway.

Raka:    That’s true as well…

Lyn:     Are those the only options?

Raka:    We could also continue searching for it.

Lyn:     Why don’t we do that, then?

Malaki:  I can’t see its rune.

Raka:    Because that would put us at a disadvantage. If we chased it, we wouldn’t have a circle to protect us when we find it. Better to let it come to us and trap it.

Malaki:  I agree.

Raka:    What- You…

Lyn:     What? You? You agree?

Malaki:  I prefer the prey coming to me so I can kill it in the way I want.

Lyn:     That didn’t stop you from going after it earlier.

Raka:    The spirit was lucky it got away before you found it…

Lyn:     (grumbling)

Raka:    Are you ok?

Lyn:     Raka!

Raka:    What?

Lyn:     Which of us would have a better chance of luring the spirit?

Raka:    Him, probably. As he said, the spirit still has its senses. It’s more likely to want to defang him than destroy you.

Lyn:     So, then why don’t we use him?

Raka:    Because… because just putting him into the circle will lure it, but won’t channel it back to the weave.

Lyn:     Why not?

Raka:    Because the spirit still needs to go through you.

Lyn:     So I need to be part of the circle no matter what?

Raka:    Yes. And…

Lyn:     Aaand…?

Raka:    The luring circle will only hold three individuals: the spirit, the gateway and the summoner. Usually the gateway is an object, but… Well this time, you are the gateway.

Lyn:     And you’re the summoner?

Raka:    The summoner would be either Malaki or me. Who ever ends up in the circle with you will have to fling the spirit back through the gateway. I’ll leave it up to you with whom you’d rather want to step into the circle with.

Lyn:     Uh… you’re… letting me decide?

Raka:    Hm? Of course, you’re involved in this, after all.

Lyn:     Oh… Okay, So um… it’s either you and me, you make it painless, but if you fail it kills me?

Raka:    I won’t fail.

Lyn:     Or him and me, and there’s no telling what he will do, it could be painful but at least I wouldn’t die and he’ll be the bait, and I’m just the gateway. Right?

Raka:    Yes. And I don’t trust him NOT to harm the spirit, once in the circle.

Malaki:  I WANT my- my… my tie, my knot back! If you give it back, I won’t destroy it.

Raka:    Do you really think showing me you can keep yourself from harming ONE spirit is enough to convince me you didn’t cause the hole?

Lyn:     Uhh… I’m not sure…

Raka:    Well, you’ll have to chose.

Malaki:  Easy decision.

Lyn:     Well if it’s so easy can’t you chose for me?

Raka:    Let others decide for you!

Malaki:  You already know which one I will chose.

Lyn:     Can we do votes?

Raka:    Hardly.

Lyn:     Then… I think I’ll go the painless route.

Raka:    Painless…

Lyn:     Okay, painless- that wasn’t so hard…

Raka:    So you mean…

Lyn:     I chose you, Raka!

Raka:    Great. Then let’s-

Malaki:  You are a coward!

Lyn:     What?! Coward? Come on, either option had a risk!

Malaki:  You don’t know what her circles do, you said it yourself! And she lied to you once before!

Raka:    I didn’t lie, I just-

Lyn:     Oh, you lied, but… who am I to judge…

Malaki:  You didn’t speak the whole truth, Kyrjir!

Raka:    I didn’t-

Lyn:     Look, if I have the choice, I’d rather chose the controlled risk than be in there with someone like you – you’re the kind of guy that acts erratic and unpredictable, and I don’t wana stand anywhere near you when that happens. Besides, she wouldn’t have given you your Edward back even if you cooperated, y’know.

Raka:    It’s called äthwar.

Malaki:  Äthwar…

Lyn:     Edward, Edgar, I don’t care what you call it, as long as he keeps them in his pants.

Malaki:  Yes! Give my äthwar back.

Raka:    You know what? Lyn made her choice. Why don’t you go sit somewhere where no one will trip over you, runt.

Malaki:  It’s MALAKI!

Raka:    Let’s see…

Lyn:     Y’know what? Considering how persistent he was earlier, doesn’t he seems too subdued now?

Raka:    You noticed it, too, huh. What do you think? Should I tie him up and gag him, just to be on the safe side?

Lyn:     No you shouldn’t.

Raka:    Why not?

Lyn:     You said you’d give him a chance to prove himself to you to get his Edgar back. If you tie him up, you’re denying him that chance.

Raka:    True.

Lyn:     He WANTS to show you he can be trusted.

Raka:    You know what I think? I think he just wanted to get into the circle so he could get rid of the spirit without my interference.

Lyn:     Just let him prove he can sit tight and not interfere (yawns) Well, let’s do this (yawns) I’m dead tired and cold.

Raka:    Sit down.

Lyn:     What, right here? In the mud?

Raka:    Yes, something wrong?

Lyn:     These are my clothes! My feet are already wet, I don’t want my butt to get wet, too!

Raka:    Well, stand then. But keep an eye out. It should appear as soon as I have half the circle drawn out. They usually come running even before the luring circle is complete.

Lyn:     Wow, I hope not. Something that size running at me would be terrifying!

Raka:    If its that big you won’t miss it. Let me know when you see it.

Lyn:     Sure… Do I need to stand at the center of this?

Raka:    Yes. Now shut up, I need to focus.

Lyn:     You’re so rude.

Raka:    Veolar… Tonoĥtar… Xyræ… no, no no, not xyræ… Cramyn. Rintasæ. Suryon. Pryneþar. Valþæas. Duhæ. Feruïl. Ræwyn. Margiel? Margiel. Vinelar. Fuin. Yes.

Lyn:     This looks exactly like the other one… Is it supposed to look this way?

Raka:    It’s different… any signs of the spirit yet?

Lyn:     No. Should it come soon?

Raka:    Well, I’m almost halfway through. It should be on its way. Keep an eye out.

Lyn:     Will it jump right into my ears or will you need to speak to it again?

Raka:    Do you need to ask so many questions? If I mess up I will have to FORCE it back through you, and that WILL be painful!

Lyn:     Wow, wow wow wow. You DO have some anger management problems. I just hope this circle is big enough for-

Malaki:  Feather-duster.

Raka:    What?!

Malaki:  It’s here.

Lyn:     Oh shit-

Raka:    Fiyar’ta!

Lyn:     Yea, this space is definitely not big enough!

Raka:    Don’t run! Stay behind me! Fiyar’ta.

Lyn:     Raka?

Raka:    What?

Lyn:     It looks like it’s gona dive right for us-

Raka:    I got this.
Spirit: Runemaster!

Lyn:     What is it- O shit, it’s going for him!

Malaki:  Yes, come to me!

Raka:    No! Skadia!

Malaki:  Ræwyn, fyalaþia!

Raka:    No! Fiyar’ta-

Lyn:     Um… where did those roots come from?

Raka:    Earth runes! NO! Don’t-

Malaki:  Eteïe, æria!

Lyn:     Did he use the roots to restrain it? That’s smart…

Raka:    No more runes!

Malaki:  I am not stupid!

Raka:    You have weakened the weave with your runes all night, at this rate it WILL tear before I get that spirit under control!

Malaki:  I have to defend myself, I’m not letting it eat me! If your circle can’t get it under control, I’ll crush it with my runes!

Raka:    I swear if you do that, I’ll-

Lyn:     It broke free!

Malaki:  Kokol farue…

Raka:    Fiyar’ta, what is he-

Malaki:  Frith farue-

Raka:    It’s attacking him!

Malaki:  Give me my-my thing, my wind äthwar-

Raka:    Stop fighting back!
Spirit: No!

Raka:    Lyn, get ready.

Lyn:     What are you-

Raka:    The circle is useless now, I’ll use a rune chant. It might hurt a bit. I’ll try to force it not to hurt you.

Lyn:     Aw great… That wasn’t part of the deal, you were-

Raka:    I’m sorry, I know!

Lyn:     Damnit, just do your thing!

Raka:    Vær, äïrnia!
(Spirit, listen!)
Tænahri leïruþ, skatria!
(break your manifestation!)
Tænahri wyv’ṽræ, ceria!
(Lose your windpower!)
Æsuuyar, mæri’eshäa ṽalþeo ra’tenah!
(In exchange, you receive my blood!)
Yahtïa yor’dyhaṽal, des’garïetïa!
Vor feïrtïa niṽrætu zaþïraĥ!
(Return to the weave through this human, but don’t cause her pain!)

Lyn:     (screams)

Raka:    Lyn! Are you alright?

Lyn:     Oh god… that was even worse the second time around…

Raka:    It shouldn’t have been-

Lyn:     Well it was! I sure hope you don’t plan on using me as gateway ever again.

Raka:    Don’t let spirits use you as one in the first place.

Lyn:     What?! You told me to be a gateway!

Raka:    You could’ve told me you had a broken soul!

Lyn:     How was I supposed to know?! Like what are you even TALKING about?!

Raka:    You didn’t?

Lyn:     I didn- No? I didn’t even know that could break!

Raka:    You know surprisingly little about the world around you…

Lyn:     Yea, well. It’s not like I grew up in it. I know NOTHING about your supernatural shenanigans, that’s all stuff that doesn’t exist where I come from. Don’t judge.

Raka:    Fine. About time this ends, using all those runes drained me… I can’t imagine how that Skur-runt must feel. Where did he go anyway-

Lyn:     Um…

Raka:    Oh. Oh fiyar’ta…

Lyn:     I think the villagers got him…

Raka:    Why is nothing going smoothly today?! Come on.

Lyn:     Oh come on- fine.

Malaki:  Kokol frith- Let me go you thrausar Ferol!

Tarlos:    As if, you disgusting stain of dirt!

Krosta:    Are there more of your Rontar out there, waiting to ambush us?! Were you planning to raid our village?

Malaki:  If there were, I would not tell you!

Tarlos:    So there are others?!

Raka:    Headchief!

Headchief:    Patcher! What was that giant bird just now?

Raka:    A manifested spirit- all taken care of, won’t bother us anymore.

Headchief:    Good. Look, we caught this abomination sneaking around the paddock, came from your direction. Was he involved with your work somehow?

Raka:    Sure was. Caused me more than enough trouble.

Krosta:    What’s a greyfur doing this far down anyway?!

Raka:    What?!

Headchief:    Mind your words, Krosta! Calm yourself, Krosta.
Korsta: Fine.

Tarlos:    How did a Skur mutt end up here?

Crowd:    Is this a Skur raid? Fiyar’ta, have they come this this far down already? Tie him up and throw him into the mine! Or the lake!

Krosta:    We can’t keep a Skur here, his pack will be looking for him and they’ll track him down!

Headchief:    That’s enough!

Krosta:    Then there’s no avoiding fight with the Skur!

Crowd:    We don’t want war with them.

Lyn:     Did he just say war?

Crowd:    Yea! Let’s chase him off, we don’t want Skur here! We don’t want war with them!

Raka:    Headchief! Headchief!

Headchief:    Calm down, everyone!

Malaki:  No one is coming for me, I don’t have a pack!

Krosta:    Stay down, if you want to keep your tail!

Lyn:     Raka? Yo Raka. What’s going on?

Raka:    I… I don’t…

Crowd:    Chase him away!

Raka:    Seems I’m not the only one with a bias against Skur.

Crowd:    Cut off his horns and hang them at the gate!

Lyn:     But- they’re talking about war!

Raka:    I heard that… Headchief, what’s that about war with the Skur?

Headchief:    You don’t know?-

Crowd:    Sling his hood, get out of it!

Raka:    Hmp, of course you don’t, you’re not from here. They’ve been nothing but trouble since they were put on the peak to rot away in their miserable existence. They tried expanding their territory more forceful lately, raiding and pillaging the settlements bordering it.

Malaki:  Because we are hungry! There is no food on the Skundr!

Raka:    Shut up, runt!

Krosta:    Bite your fangs, Scum!

Headchief:    Krosta!

Krosta:    (scoffs)

Headchief:    As I told you earlier, Patcher, the majority of refugees seek shelter here because of raids from the Skur. As far as we know, they are at war with the Skur up there.

Raka:    I see…

Malaki:  I have NOTHING to do with that! I have no ties to my Rontar, I’m not part of-

Headchief:    I don’t care, you’re still NOT welcome here!

Malaki:  (growls)

Tarlos:    Well Headchief, what should we do with him?

Headchief:    That’s up to the head-mistress.

Tarlos:    Packless or not, I think we should let him return to the peak.

Headchief:    You want to let him lose?!

Krosta:    You lost your mind, Tarlos?

Tarlos:    If we get his blood on our hands, his Rontar will smell that from up here and come to avenge him.

Malaki:  Skurka are not emphatic enough to care what happens to stray solitaries!

Tarlos:    Then let him go, one Skur won’t do harm…

Malaki:  I won’t leave without my äthwar!

Krosta:    How do we know there’s not more Skur out there waiting for us to drop our guard? We can’t let him go!

Headchief:    Urg, why does this have to happen in the middle of the night…

Raka:    Headchief, I have something that belongs to him. He won’t leave without it, so I’m afraid I’m stuck with him for now.

Headchief:    What are you withholding from him?

Raka:    I took that what caused the strong wind earlier. His äthwar. He almost caused the tangleweave to expand.

Headchief:    That does sound like something he shouldn’t ever get back.

Raka:    I’m glad you agree.

Headchief:    A Skur with that sort of power- the gods know what kind of destruction he could cause.

Raka:    Yet they allowed him to have it. But I have it under control now.

Lyn:     You always say that, Raka!

Raka:    What are you-

Krosta:    If he wants it back, he’s bound to harass you until he gets it back. Wouldn’t it be better to just cut his throat?

Crowd:    Yea, kill him!

Lyn:     Hey, calm down, calm down!

Crowd:    Cut off his horns and hang them at the gate! Yea! Cut his throat! Kill him!

Lyn:     They can’t just KILL him, can they?

Raka:    I don’t know, I-

Headchief:    Hold on, we’re not murdering a Skur unless it is in self-defense, you know that!

Raka:    I agree, let’s not kill him on a whim.

Lyn:     Not kill him on a whim, but any other time is fine?

Raka:    Lyn, shut up!

Lyn:     What?!

Raka:    I have him restrained; he isn’t a danger right now.

Krosta:    Are you sure? I think we still have a nice chain and collar in the attic for people like him, don’t we, Tarlos?

Tarlos:    I think so…

Raka:    I don’t think that’s necessary, but nevertheless, I want to keep him where I can keep an eye on him.

Krosta:    How?!

Raka:    It might be best if we could put him somewhere safe for the night and decide what to do with him tomorrow.

Krosta:    Like where? Our entire village is full of refugees, we don’t know where to put them anymore! And who even are you to issue such instructions?

Headchief:    Calm yourself, Krosta.

Raka:    I’m here to HELP you!

Malaki:  Let me go. I’m not going anywhere, I’ll stick around in the underbrush for the night-

Headchief:    We’re NOT letting you run around our village without supervision!

Lyn:     Did I hear someone say something about a mine? Could we lock him up in there? That sounds pretty safe, right?

Headchief:    Yea, it’s got a few tunnels with dead ends we could throw him in.

Malaki:  Yes, why don’t you throw me into a mine. It’ll be just like home.

Raka:    No. He still has earth runes, he could easily burrow his way out of there-

Malaki:  I won’t just run away without my-my… my äthwar!

Raka:    You filthy Skur would find my room and murder me in my sleep, wouldn’t you? Everything just to get your äthwar back!

Malaki:  As much as I’d love to sink my fangs into your throat, feather-duster, I won’t challenge you again.

Krosta:    Don’t believe a word coming from that stinking, rotten jaw!

Raka:    Just on the off chance that you’re thinking about it anyway, Runt, I want you to know that this thing here can record any sound around it and channels it right to the university of Kærûn. My colleague there is listening and he WILL know if you try anything deceptive, and you’ll be in big trouble if they send someone out after you. And trust me, they have ways to tear BOTH your äthwar off. You’ll never get them back.

Malaki:  I understand! You beat me before. I acknowledge you are stronger than me.

Raka:    Good.

Lyn:     Wait- Yo Malaki. You give up, just like that?

Krosta:    Pah! A Skur admitting to defeat? What is that, a new deceptive tactic?

Raka:    Don’t believe it…

Malaki:  Skurka prefer an open fight over coward attacks on someone in their sleep.

Krosta:    That’s clearly a lie.

Raka:    I don’t believe that, either.

Malaki:  I don’t care if you believe it or not. I will EARN my äthwar back.

Raka:    Follow the conditions I set earlier. Show me you won’t backstab me as soon as I turn, and show me that you had nothing to do with the forming of the tangleweave. That is the only way you can… “earn” it back.

Lyn:     Well, Headchief, ignore her. She’s hungry. Me too, by the way.

Raka:    Lyn!

Lyn:     Back to topic! Are there any other places he can stay in?

Headchief:    We’re not exactly equipped to hold people in custody.

Malaki:  Just give me a corner to sleep in!

Krosta:    You don’t DESERVE such a luxury!

Malaki:  Shut up, brute. I don’t care about your prejudices. I’m tired, Patcher. I’m not interested in fighting anymore. I just want to sleep, I don’t care where.

Lyn:     Raka, don’t you have a room you stay in? You could-

Raka:    I’m staying with the headmistress’s daughter. I couldn’t bring that runt in with me.

Lyn:     Fine. There’s an empty spot in my room he could stay in.

Raka:    There is?

Lyn:     No one wanted to share a room with me so I have more than enough space.

Malaki:  Because humans smell awful under their arms.

Lyn:     Don’t spend the night with your nose buried in my armpits then.

Malaki:  I don’t NEED to; I can smell it from here.

Lyn:     I was TRYING to find an alternative for you, geez you’re so rude! No need to be outright insulting.

Raka:    Well, that sounds like a good idea. Headchief, any objections?

Krosta:    We’re not letting Skur into our homes! What if his Rontar track him down and raid us in the night?

Malaki:  I said this before: I DON’T have a pack. No one will come for me!

Raka:    Swear that by your wind-äthwar?

Malaki:  Yes.

Headchief:    Can we trust his word?

Raka:    Don’t know, but apparently he values his äthwar. We’ll just have to find out, I suppose.

Headchief:    Will we need someone to keep an eye on him?

Malaki:  Look, I’m exhausted. I just want a corner to sleep in.

Raka:    I don’t think he has much escape left in him, he’s been throwing around runes like flower petals at a parade earlier. Even *I* am dead tired, and I’ve not even used more than a handful. It’s more likely he’ll pass out as soon as he hits the ground, before he can even begin to think of mischief again.
I will take care of him in the morning.

Headchief:    Fine. At least in the longhouse there will be enough people to restrain him if he decides to act up. I don’t think anyone there is particularly fond of Skur. Best if he stayed in the room until you’re up.

Raka:    Yes.

Headchief:    Do you have any idea what you’ll do with him?

Raka:    I’m going to take him with me. I’ll probably pass through Skur-territory while patching anyway, I might as well drop him off there.

Headchief:    Good. No objections from me then. Krosta, Tarlos?

Tarlos:    Yea.

Headchief:    Pick him up and bring him in.

Krosta:    What, seriously?!

Headchief:    Don’t argue, Krosta. I speak for the head-mistress.

Krosta:    Fine…

Tarlos:    C’mon, stand up.

Krosta:    He said get up, crookhorn!

Malaki:  Well give me a moment, you brutes have been kneeling on my back for-

Krosta:    Oh shut up and get walking.

Raka:    Lyn, you sure you can handle him?

Lyn:     Sure. If he tries anything funny, at least I know I have two smelly weapons to use against him.

Malaki:  Urg… Feather… head… Give me a fresh-air rune.

Raka:    No.

Malaki:  (grumbles)

Raka:    Well that’s settled. Now I can finally turn this thing off.

Windshell deactivates.

Auril:    Four recordings on the first day! I’m beat- That’s a good amount of material to work through tomorrow… I’m gona sleep like Oli Tato once I’m through with these, not even an Eus could wake me… (yawning) I zoned out a few times during that recording. Suppose it was a little much to process. I need to find a way to… halt and… replay the last few seconds. I should probably put that on my to-do list… Even if it defies the purpose of documenting only with the windshell, transcripts might prove useful here… Maybe scriber hoocked up with the recordings?
Well, something to think about tomorrow. I just hope Raka doesn’t plan on having this many recordings every day, that would cost me quit ea few music-shells… Speaking of which, Vocal enchantments for this recording were provided by Kessi Riliniki, Carollyn Monterola, Eyþór Viðarsson, Owen McCuen, Heather Spiegel-Auden, Domien de Groot and Travis Vengroff. With Crowd noises by Hem Brewster, Karim Kronfli, Matthew Boudreau, Whitney Johnson and Tal Minear.
Music-Shells provided by Fuimadane.
Audio-Enhancements by name of Audio engineer.
Written and Produced by Kessi Riliniki.
Aaand one more thing to add to my to-do List:
– Keep track of how often these recordings come in, in case that Skur really decides to murder Raka in her sleep, as she says.
Pew, I hope Raka knows what she’s doing. That guy didn’t seem right in the head.
I wonder if I should inform the magistrate about this? Raka was right when she says he might be involved in the hole’s tearing, regardless of what he says… Hmm…
No. That would raise questions about the windshell. It’s not ready for evaluation yet.
Also, if anyone listening to this from the archives has any suggestions on how to solve the issues on my to-do list you know how to get in touch with me – if not, you can find all this information in my notes.


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