Episode 17 | Spirit Smart

Orianuka – 103th day of Bäkkos, 5th year of the Vær, 101st Generation

Raka and Lyn return to pick up Malaki outside of the village. But he seems to have a strange issue…



RakaKessir Riliniki

LynCarollyn Monterola

MalakiEyþór Viðarsson

Ferryce – Ester Ellis

Yakta – Tanja Milojevic (LightningBolt Theatre)

þorianþaris – Boyd Barrett

AurilTravis Vengroff

YoshaHem Brewster


Written and Dialogue Edited by Kessir Riliniki

Sounddesign by Sarah Buchynski

Music by Fuimadane


DISCLAIMER: The transcripts bellow are taken “as is” from the Production script. Sometimes Actors improvise lines during recording that feel better, or a change was made during dialogue editing to optimize the flow of the conversation. The bellow transcript does not reflect these changes and might therefore ocasionally not match the words said in the episodes.

Windshell activates.

Lyn:      (calling out) Mal? MAL!

Raka:     Oh, there we go. (slightly raised voice) It’s back, Lyn!

Lyn:      (slightly raised voice) Are we calling Mal “it” now?

Raka:     Not him, the Windshell.

Lyn:      Oh. So what does that mean for us?

Raka:     That we temporarily moved out of the spirit’s reach, or that it moved out of the windshell’s reach.

Lyn:      Hm. If we turn the Windshell off and move around until it turns back on, couldn’t we trace the radius around the spirit and find it’s center that way? Like a radar?

Raka:     Hm. Interesting. But I’d rather not do that, I don’t know how much energy the windshell uses. It might cause an imbalance if we use it too much. Any sign of Malaki yet?

Lyn:      Nope, haven’t found him yet- (calling out) MALAKI? MALAKI, HEEL!

Malaki:   Quiet down already!

Raka:     Oh THAT’S where you were hiding.

Lyn:      Wait, that actually worked?!

Malaki:   Skaudr’s horn! Finally! I was searching for you!

Lyn:      Sorry. That trip took longer than expected.

Raka:     Were you hunting again?

Malaki:   No. I need help.

Lyn:      With what?

Malaki:   I… I forgot how I got here.

Raka:     You what?

Malaki:   We ate. This morning. Suddenly I was here… I could still smell Lyn. In the village. But I don’t remember us parting.

Raka:     (exasperated) Fiyar’ta…

Lyn:      Seen any spirits out here?

Malaki:   Only Fyr’vær- the small ones.

Raka:     (thoughtful) No, the one we’re looking for must be bigger.

Malaki:   Speak of what you did in the village.

Raka:     We wanted to gather supplies. But we couldn’t find anyone who would sell us anything.

Lyn:      We spoke to a bunch of people. They said a bunch of crazy stuff, like they forgot how things work. One woman wanted to start sowing seeds and Raka told her she shouldn’t, it’s almost winter. Another guy said they got robbed by merchants that paid them with wooden coins, and they didn’t realize those were worthless. And then we met these two sisters-

Raka:     (confused) Sisters?

Lyn:      (confused) Yea?… Yakta and Yora, remember?

Raka:     Yakta had a sister? Did we meet her?

Lyn:      Yes, she brought us the pie- Oh the, Pie! Mal, I saved this piece of Pie for you, you have to try it!

Malaki:   (unfamiliar with the word) Pie…

Raka:     (cursing under her breath) AnhiÞniṽril salaĥ… (cursed stain of dirt) yn’an·þorian khorpan’ṽælaÞaristïa hærar itar… (it’s like a challenge to the corpse collector)

Lyn:      Honestly, try it, its delicious! Anyway, Yora asked us for help, walked out the door, then completely forgot who we were and why we were there. And Yakta… had Vær knowledge. According to Ferryce.

Raka:     (cursing) A’sarkra nah’flæþis fiyar’ta…

Lyn:      Raka, are you alright?

Raka:     (stressed) Yes… No… I don’t-

Malaki:   (declaratory) She is upset. Or distressed.

Lyn:      More than upset it seems.

Raka:     This is bad. The moment you looked at me like that I knew I had forgotten something you remembered.

Lyn:      Hey, it’s okay. It happens.

Raka:     No, you don’t understand! Imagine we get stuck in this place because we forget why we came here!

Ferryce:  Trust me, I’ll remind you to move on. I have no interest in being stuck here. I still want to see the rest of the Skundr, not just this scrawny suburb of it.

Raka:     (sighs) Thanks, Ferryce, very reassuring. Can’t you do something that will protect us from the influence of whatever that spirit is?

Ferryce:  (chuckles) Oh Raka. Where’s the fun in that? This is entirely your own problem.

Malaki:   You said you have no interest in being stuck here!

Ferryce:  (taunting) Oh Malaki… a mindless body works even better to go sight-seeing on, you know. (chuckles)

Malaki:   (growls) Kokol thrausar… I TOLD you, you can’t trust Væron!

Ferryce:  (chuckles) That insight comes 10 years late, Malaki.

Malaki:   (growls)

Lyn:      Okay, calm down guys! Deep breath everyone. Getting super-anxious isn’t gona help us fix this situation.

Raka:     (anxious, murmuring to herself)
Mæri anor, fai nesþor… fai þorian, (defeated) ker duhcoiltu mæ…
(my memory, my knowledge, my wisdom, I don’t want to lose them)

Lyn:      Raka? Hey Raka, snap out of it.

Raka:     Tuuu tu tu… (No, no no)
COILÆ-HA mæ… tu… (I WILL lose… no)

Lyn:      RAKA!

Raka:     (anxious) Yes- YES! I hear you!

Lyn:      Calm down, okay? Even if either of us forgets something we can still remind each other, right?

Raka:     But we won’t KNOW that we forgot something unless one of us mentions something we don’t remember!

Malaki:   Speak more of your plan. Then I will also have the knowledge. If you forget, I remind you.

Raka:     (stressed, grasping for straw, muttering to herself) There could be a pattern in what we forget. Malaki, I have a suspicion what this could be, but I need your help.

Malaki:   My- (sly smile) That will cost you.

Raka:     (growls) You little- (angry) You want to haggle with me NOW?!

Malaki:   You want my help. I want my äthwar. It’s simple.

Lyn:      Hey, come on, we really bonded yesterday! You two remember that, right?

Raka:     (squinting) You want my help finding Azeri. For that I want your help in this. I’m not going to help you find him, if this is-

Malaki:   (sly) Then I’M not going to help you. Think on which issue is more important to you.

Raka:     (growls) We don’t have time for this, Runt.

Malaki:   (sly) Yes, we DON’T have time for this. Azeri can wait. Your memories… I don’t think they can.

Raka:     (growls) Malaki…

Malaki:   (sly) Give me my äthwar. Then I help you.

Raka:     (growls lower)

Malaki:   You know I will not leave even with my äthwar. I still need you. To find Azeri.

Lyn:      Ow! Hey!

Malaki: (wind gets beaten out of him by the impact. He growls defensively)

Raka: (muttering) I swear to Lyura, Malaki, mess this up and I’ll cut off your tail and gag you with it. (whispered under her breath, barely audible to the mic)
Þamratu, malakiri wyv. (unbind, Malaki’s wind)

Malaki: (sly chuckle, whispering triumphant) Yes… Yes…

Lyn:      Are you done?!

Raka:     (through clenchet teeth) Yes, let’s move. We have a spirit to take care of.

Malaki: (calling out, slightly mocking) You still have to tell us what your plan is.

Raka:     (sighs) I need you to compare the runeclusters on Lyn, me and Yakta. See if there is any rune that is… out of place.

Lyn:      Oh and maybe also that of Yora. It seems whatever hit these people hit her pretty hard.

Malaki: Runeclusters… I don’t know what that is.

Raka:     Do you see the runes that are in people?

Malaki:   I see… A few.

Raka:     Which do you see in me right now?

Malaki:   Hmm… Anïr and Uṽolya. Eshäa. Itar. Eyta, when you sleep. Ëvovar. A few others which I can’t name.

Raka:     That doesn’t sound like many…

Lyn:      You gota teach me how to tell them apart one of these days, bro. I honestly couldn’t pick out a single rune in that mess.

Raka:     Another time. Come on, in here.

Raka:     We’re back.

Malaki: This house is rundown, even for a Kyrjir house.

Raka:     This is a barn, not a house. (sighs) Yakta? We brought our… (through gritted teeth) “friend”.

Malaki:   I thought kyrjir keep Auryce in barns, not kin.

Raka:     Yakta?

Yakta:    (entranced) Shh… I see a web. A web made of fog and smoke and dust and breath.

Lyn:      In your teacup? Um, is that a feather in your-

Yakta:    (entranced) Ah… The web tore. Those that both created and were created by the threads disentangle from the fringes. To feast on the very thing that spawned them.

Raka:     That is why I’m here, Yakta.

Yakta:    (entranced) Gone are the Rontar that dwelled in the dome, woven of sky and water. The beast that kept their lives and wits aloof howls – its herd was devoured. Water flares. In anger. In fear. In consternation. Calm the waves, Raka. Windless waters have no drive. Let rivers flow. Ah- (snapping out of her trance) You’re back. And you brought your friend. Great. Come, sit.

Lyn:      Did Yora make more tea again?

Yakta:    Hot water. She forgot the dried leafs…

Lyn:      Seems like she tried to make tea out of that feather, though.

Yakta:    She probably mistook it for tea leafs. The magenta color is very similar, I don’t blame her. Do you want some?

Lyn:      Yes, please! Even just 10 minutes outside gave me the chills. Er- no feather, please.

Yakta:    (laughs) Of course. Do you think your friend can help with this situation?

Raka:     Maybe… Malaki, check our runeclusters.

Ferryce:  (sighs)

Malaki:   Yes.

Yakta:    Malaki… Skurki, sired by Kulri the Crookhorn. Bane of Vær and Væhar. Runemaster with an earth-and wind-äthwar… Yes, I see.

Malaki:   She has the rune Nesþar in her. It glows.

Raka:     A rune of wisdom. That was to be expected. Can you see it, Lyn?

Lyn:      There are so many of them, how am I supposed to pick out a single one?

Malaki:   (uncertain) There are… only a few. This one sticks out.

Lyn:      Am I seeing more of them than you? They’re so tightly packed I can’t really make out individual ones.

Raka:     It sounds like you see things differently…

Lyn:      Well anyway, do us next! Any runes in us that are different?

Malaki:   Not in you. (pondering) But in Raka.

Raka:     (consternation) In me?! But you just looked at mine earlier-

Malaki:   It is one of the rune’s of which I don’t know the name.

Ferryce:  It’s name is nescaraĥ.

Yakta:    Oblivion.

Raka:     (stressed) A’sarkra nah’flæþis fiyar’ta…

Lyn:      Wait, are we dealing with a spirit or with a rune here?

Ferryce:  Neither, yet both.

Lyn:      What the hell does that mean, Ferryce?

Malaki:   A technique Væhar use.

Raka:     (stressed) Traṽrar, fiyar’ta…

Lyn:      What’s that? Væhar I mean.

Ferryce:  They’re Vær with more wits. Self-aware, cunning. They don’t feed on runes, like Vær, but on effects caused by runes.

Lyn:      Like that Wind Friction Vær? It fed on the effect of wind, not wind itself, right?

Ferryce:  It is similar, but not the same. There are… many kinds of Vær. That one was not a common Vær, yet not a Væhar.

Malaki:   Væhar use runes like tools, like bait, like… like a root, to leech nourishment from a distance.

Lyn:      So this… Væhar thing, threw a runehook on Yakta and Raka and anyone else in the village and is now leeching their knowledge?

Ferryce:  Precisely.

Yakta:    I don’t think it “leeches” my knowledge as much as it provides me with it.

Lyn:      Oooh, yes, I was wondering about that.

Ferryce:  Of course. Remember, when Vær devour something, they… have to fill the void with something else. If this Væhar continued to feed without filling the void, it would eventually end up with villagers sucked dry of it’s nourishment. So it fertilizes new thoughts in one of it’s victims. That, which is in Yakta’s head, is what the Væhar excretes, as it fills the void to generate new thoughts, new nourishment in the other villagers.

Yakta:    Ah… This is why I feel compelled to preach to my fellow villagers.

Lyn:      So… the knowledge in her head is essentially spiritpoop.

Malaki:   (laughs) Yes!

Ferryce:  (chuckles) Indeed.

Yakta:    That thought is… slightly disturbing.

Raka:     (murmuring to herself) Yor o’vatu itar… tu, tu, tu… (it’s not good, no no no)

Lyn:      But if it’s been leeching on us the whole time, why haven’t Mal or I seen it yet?

Raka:     (stressed) Why does that matter?! We have to get the runes off as quickly as possible!

Lyn:      Hey, aren’t you the one that preached to us the other day to plan things through before you act?

Raka:     (stressed) No! We have to get them off NOW! I don’t WANT to have a nescaraĥ rune stuck in my soul!

Yakta:    Ah- Excuse me. I think I just heard my Sire call for dinner. I will eat with my family, and bring you some food later, if that is alright.

Lyn:      Yea, I think we’ll be brainstorming here for a bit.

Yakta:    Please, help yourself to more tea in the meantime.

Lyn:      So… How do we get the rune off?

Malaki:   We hunt the Væhar. Catch it. Destroy it or convince it to remove it’s mark.

Raka:     (stressed) I wouldn’t even care if you destroyed it right now.

Malaki:   (malicious smirk) With pleasure.

Lyn:      Raka, you’re not behaving like yourself today. Are you sure you’re alright?

Raka:     (anxious) No! I’m NOT alright! I have a nescaraĥ-Rune in my soul!

Lyn:      (sighs) I wish you had just told us what your problem was last night. You’re making things difficult.

Raka:     Diffi- Difficult! You know what’s difficult? Keeping hold of your memories when you have a rune stuck in you that drains them!

Lyn:      I’ve been TRYING to help, Raka! Come on, I’m sure you haven’t lost ALL your memories just yet. How do we catch a Væhar?

Raka:     (anxious) Catch… I don’t…

Lyn:      Can we maybe lure it to us with a… luring circle? You remember how to make those, right?

Raka:     (impatient) Yes, yes. (strained) No. A luring circle… is just for… capturing, not for communicating. What we need is an evoking-circle. And it requires a pledge- an offering for the Væhar to appear. Something with knowledge.

Lyn:      So… we offer you?

Raka:     (stressed) No! I’m NOT going to be the bait for a Væhar that devours knowledge!

Malaki:   And it already has it’s mark in her, she’s not attractive to a Væhar.

Lyn:      What about you, then?

Malaki:   I forgot something. This morning. It might already have a mark in me.

Lyn:      That only leaves me then? Am I the smartest, unmarked person left?

Malaki:   (sly) I don’t think it is interested in you. Maybe even your thoughts stink.

Lyn:      My thoughts are the essence of awesome, my friend. Hm… Hey Ferryce, can you, in theory, fill a persons head with Væron knowledge? Would that attract the Væhar to a luring circle even if they already have its rune stuck in them?

Ferryce:  Yes, and yes.

Lyn:      And… would you?

Ferryce:  My Oathbond with Raka binds me to allowing one request for Væron Knowledge per day. Semantically, asking for a person’s head to be filled with Væron knowledge for a day would be within the constraints of our Oath.

Lyn:      Raka, could that be a way out? Have Ferryce fill your head with Væron knowledge, then put you in a luring circle?

Raka:     (anxiously angry) Why would you even suggest that?! I’m NOT going to face off with a thought-eating Væhar!

Lyn:      Uh… I’m trying to look for a solution for this problem? I haven’t heard any usable suggestions from you since you started peeing your pants about one little rune in your soul.

Raka:     (stressed, angry) Of course you wouldn’t understand! You have NOTHING to lose from this Væhar, there’s nothing in your head anyone would feel sorry for if it was lost!

Lyn:      Oh wow, are we back to being nasty? Look, I know this situation puts you under a lot of pressure and stress so I’ve been trying to hurry things along for your sake! There is NO reason to be so nasty!

Raka:     (stressed, apologetic) L-look, I’m… I’m terrified, okay?

Lyn:      Of WHAT, Raka?! Jesus Christ, you know I’ve been TRYING to coax you into telling us what’s wrong. We would HELP you, if only we knew WHAT your problem is-

Raka:     (exasperated) I’m AFRAID of not knowing, Okay?!

Lyn:      Wait, so what… You’re afraid of… being dumb?

Raka:     No! Y-yes, that too, but mostly… I’m… I’m afraid of losing what I know, everything I studied, the things I worked for!

Malaki:   You are afraid of forgetting.

Raka:     Yes! Of forgetting, of not knowing, of things that…

Lyn:      That?

Raka:     (helpless) Of… the things… I don’t know.

Malaki:   Of the unknown.

Raka:     (takes a deep breath)

Lyn:      Is this what happened on the bridge?

Raka:     (evasive) Somewhat…

Lyn:      Hm, I see. Was that so hard for you to admit?

Raka:     Of course it was!

Malaki:   I will be the bait.

Raka:     You?

Malaki:   I agreed to help. In trade for my äthwar. I don’t fear losing memories. (sly) More opportunity to learn new ways to do things you already knew once.

Lyn:      See, Raka? We’ll help you get through this, you just have to let us. And… maybe draw the circle for us? I’m not spirit-smart enough to do that.

Raka:     (takes a deep breath to calm down) Alright… (pondering, murmuring to herself) How do we do this…?

Lyn:      Can we even do it here? I mean, if it’s anything like that Wind-friction spirit we might not want to summon it inside a building.

Ferryce:  It can safely be summoned here. Væhar are not Fyn’eshävær.

Lyn:      Not… nature spirits?

Ferryce:  Precisely. They don’t deal with the elements, like Fyn’eshävær do. Their primary dealings are with the minds and bodies of mortals. Summoning one here will not put the structures of mortals in danger of being damaged.

Raka:     Have you done this before?

Malaki:   No. Azeri summoned Vær, not me. I helped him prepare.

Raka:     (sighs) Alright. An evoking-circle requires four things: a strong desire, a pledge attractive enough to invite the Væhar, an obligation that will convince it to a bond, and a protective charm that will keep the evokers mind safe, should the first three upset the Væhar.

Lyn:      Uh… I better go tell Yakta about this.

Raka:     Wait- (groaning) Fiyar’ta-.

Lyn:      What are you looking for?

Raka:     (distracted) Coal… I’m sure I brought some with me to make fires while I’m in the tangleweave since the runes shouldn’t have worked, but… they seem to be gone. Hm. Maybe I forgot to bring them. Well… could you ask Yakta if she can give you some coal? One piece sould be enough for this situation.
Lyn: Coal?! Fresh from the stove?

Raka:     (slightly exasperated) Not live coal, charcoal! Unused, fire starters! Most households should have that. And tell her not to come in here and try to keep others from coming in as well.
Lyn: Will do.

Raka:     Help me get this table out of the way. We need space for the circle.

Malaki:   You need… the ground?

Raka:     Yes. Get the pillows out of the way. No don’t- (exasperated) Fiyar’ta, pick them up and carry them to a corner! We’re guests here!

Malaki:   I thought you wanted to hurry.

Raka:     (sighs) Of course, but that’s no reason to be rude.

Malaki:   We pick runes. Like… with Ferryce?

Raka:     Not this time.

Lyn: Alright, Yakta said she’ll make sure no one comes in.

Raka:     (nervous) Great. The charcoal?

Lyn:      Yup. Here.

Raka:     Alright, okay… Malaki you sit… here.

Malaki:   Speak of your plan.

Raka:     (nervous, slightly impatient) I will draw several circles. The first one is for pledge and will be around you, then the one circle for desire and one for obligation. Then I add two seats for Lyn and me. We wrap it up with a circle of protection.

Lyn:      Oh do I get to sit in there, too?

Raka:     Just for protection. Once it is here, it’ll be safer to be inside the circle of protection than outside. (nervous) Ferryce, how do we get the Væron knowledge into him?

Ferryce:  Tell me when, and it shall be so. But be aware that this might cause some headaches.

Malaki:   (sly) I can take pain for a little Væron knowledge.

Raka:     Are you ready?

Malaki:   Always ready for new things to know.

Raka:     (nervous, deep breath) Alright, do it, Ferryce.

Malaki:   (groaning) Urg…

Ferryce:  Tell me when it’s becoming too much.

Malaki:   (groaning) No, no no- (chuckling in pain) This is good- yes, more.

Ferryce:  (chuckles) Don’t get your hopes up. I won’t show you THAT.

Raka:     (nervous, impatient) Okay, Lyn you sit there. Be prepared that the circles around Malaki will attract the Væhar once they’re done. Don’t get close to it, with your-

Lyn:      Broken soul, yes, figured.

Raka:     Right. I will need to finish the rest as quickly as I can.

Malaki:   (strained, as if having a headache) Don’t mess this up.

Raka:     I try.

Malaki:   (groaning) Urg- Væron, No more!

Ferryce:  Done.

Lyn:      Are you alright?

Malaki:   (weak laugh in cold sweat) This is good- real good.

Ferryce:  A shame you won’t remember it.

Malaki:   We repeat this another time.

Ferryce:  (chuckles, with a sneer) Not if you don’t want to end up like Azeri.

Raka:     Good. I’ll start now- Try to keep your tail in the circle.

Malaki:   (grinning slyly) I don’t want to lose it.

Raka:     (she starts muttering the words she writes)

Lyn:      Oh… Did you know your runes start glowing just after you wrote them?

Malaki:   Vessels. They fill with energy.

Lyn:      Ah, like what you mentioned yesterday-

Raka:     (slightly breathless from focus and bending down) Alright, this one’s done. (muttering the next circle’s words under her breath)

Ferryce:  Intent is essential with written runes. If you intend for them to be vessels, they will fill with energy. Even if you don’t intend it, they might still fill with energy the longer they exist, but it is not a certainty.

Malaki:   (thinking) Ah… Like dried up riverbeds. So that is how the runes in my books were… readable to me.

Ferryce:  Indeed. They were never intended to be vessels, yet became such over time.

Lyn:      Oooh, is this Væron knowledge coming through?

Raka:     Stop chattering, I need to focus! (huffs, then goes back to muttering the words)

Lyn:      Sorry!

Raka:     (breathless) Right. The Circle of Desire is done. Now the Circle of Obligation. It might show up as soon as that one is done. Be alert.

Lyn:      Can we actually do anything to protect us if it does?

Raka:     (nervous, breathless) Hope that it ignores you and goes for Malaki first. He’s safe in his circle… (goes back to muttering the words she writes)

Malaki:   (strained but sly) Let it try. I don’t fear Væhar.

Ferryce:  No, but you fear ME. And right now, I have quite a few fingers stuck deeply in your head, so you MIGHT want to consider what you do to other Vær, Malaki.

Malaki:   (growls)

Ferryce:  (chuckles) Be a good boy and stop that. It is irritating.

Raka:     (exasperated) You both are! Tune it down, I need to focus! You don’t want me to mess this up, do you?

Raka:     (breathless) Alright! Third circle and half the circle of protection are ready. Lyn, hold still- Don’t smudge this.

Lyn:      No dude, I don’t plan to relive the experience from last time.

Ferryce:  Don’t forget to finish the circle of protection.

Raka:     (anxious, annoyed) I’m on it!

Lyn:      Do you feel anything yet? I don’t see it anywhere.

Malaki:   (looking around, strained) I see nothing-

Lyn:      Raka? Are you alright?

Raka:     (frightened) I… I can’t…

Malaki:   The circle is open!

Raka:     (terrified) I can’t remember-

Lyn:      Snap out of it, Raka!

Malaki:   You have to finish the circle!

Raka:     (terrified) The incantation, I-

Lyn:      Raka, calm down!

Raka:     NO! Stay in your circle!

þorianþaris: (gleeful for having been summoned) Ah- An open circle. A broken soul. A mind numbed by fear, yes? A streaming wind-channel- offensive, not appreciated, no!

Raka:     (stressed) Fiyar’ta-

Lyn:      (hushed) The windshell!

Malaki:   Throw it out!

þorianþaris: And… A bearer of Væron knowledge. Ah, all barren, unprotected, vulnerable, yes! (chuckles)

Lyn:      (hushed) Raka! Finish the circle!

Raka:     I can’t-!

Lyn:      (hushed) I’ll try to buy you some time, go finish it!

Raka:     Lyn, I can’t remember-

Lyn:      (clearing throat, conversational) Uh- Um, Hello. And who are you?

þorianþaris: I am Þorianþaris, yes. (purring the words in a low, tempted rumble) Speak, little human, was it YOU that summoned me, yes? Or was it the one with the mind numbed by fear?

Lyn:      Uh, you… You don’t even consider that it might’ve been him?

þorianþaris: (chuckles) From someone with Væron knowledge I would expect more wits than to summon a Væhar into an open circle, exposing so many flaws and weaknesses, yes.

Malaki:   (challenging, slyly) I would expect a Væhar to have more sense than to join an open circle, knowing of the many weaknesses. You didn’t consider that it could be a trap!

Raka:     (hushed) Sit down, runt!

Lyn:      (hushes) Just finish the goddamn circle, Raka!

þorianþaris: (challenged, growling the words through his teeth) You think your mind, your head, your knowledge is safe in that circle of pledge, yes? Væron knowledge is very, VERY desirable to me, little mortal, and you have… (lustful) so much of it.

Malaki:   (challenging) You devoured a lot of knowledge, Væhar, I am sure you have heard my name before. I am Malaki.

þorianþaris: (with predatory observation, whispering, almost purring the words) Bane of Vær and Væhar, yes. I have heard of you.

Malaki:   (sly laugh) Even without Væron knowledge, I will destroy you. I know how to banish you-

Raka:     (hushed, frightened) Malaki! Keep yourself together!

þorianþaris: (flaring up) Do you challenge me, mortal, yes? Is that your reason for summoning me?

Raka:     No!

þorianþaris: (ominous) The desire you wrote says otherwise, and I do not appreciate being lied to, no I don’t!

Malaki:   (sly) And I don’t like you, Væhar.

Raka:     Malaki!

Lyn:      (sighs) Here we go again-

þorianþaris: (fierce, roaring the words) I will devour all that is in your head, mortal, all memories, all knowledge, that of Væron or your own!

Malaki:   Hæ liw! (Wind runes: fog perception)

Ferryce:  NO! (flares up in anger) You go too far, Væhar! These are MY Subjects!

þorianþaris: (intimidated, respectfully) Ferryce!

Ferryce:  (angry) You disappoint me, Malaki!

Malaki:   Go away, Væron! This is my prey-

Ferryce:  (flaring up in anger) You overstep your borders, Skur. No more of this, or your fate shall match that of your vannir aurki!

Malaki:   (growls)

Þorianþaris: (intimidated, respectfully) I was unaware of your presence, great Væron.

Ferryce:  (angry, scolding) Yet it was the prospect of a Væron’s knowledge that lured you here. You didn’t even question how he came by it. Does Garïyarla (ga-REE-yar-la) not provide you with knowledge aplenty? My subjects have called you here to negotiate. Now go on, heed their call.

þorianþaris: Yes, Ferryce, yes. (turning to the mortals) Mortals… you have evoked me under false pretense, with a fake pledge and a lie for your desire, yes. I demand you to state your real desire, and for you to lay bare a new pledge.

Raka:     (breathless, nervous) Þorianþaris, we desire for you to remove your mark on everyone in this village! We wish for you to cease consuming the thoughts and memories of these people, and restore Yakta, the one you provided with Vær knowledge, to the way she was!

þorianþaris: You wish me to remove my mark, yes? The thoughts of these villagers are my nourishment, my feast! If that is what you desire you must offer something worthy, something… equally as sustaining in exchange, yes.

Lyn:      Um, what currency do you take?

Raka:     Lyn!

þorianþaris: (laughs, mocking) Currency! Little human, I know not what to do with those little pieces of metal you mortals give to each other in trade for goods, no, no. I am not a Vær that devour metals. What I want are fragments of your mind and memory.

Lyn:      Okay, but which part?

þorianþaris: (chuckles) Make me an offer, little human.

Lyn:      Okay, how about… The memory of my 15th birthday, how’s that?

þorianþaris: That day you would almost consider the worst day of your life, for your parents fought over your future all day and ruined your celebration for you? Oh no, mortal. You ask a high price of me. What you give in return should be equally as valuable to you.

Lyn:      (silly) Ooof course- I was just testing you, ho ho. You sure know how to verify the value of our offers, don’t you? Alright, then I’ll offer… the memory of my first date!

þorianþaris: (considering pause, then chuckles) Interesting. A tempting offer. Not many in this world value such memories, or even have one like it. It is unique, yes. But it is not worth removing my mark from all mortals in this village for, no no.

Malaki:   (deep breath) The memory of Azeri and me first hunting together.

þorianþaris: (satisfied) Aah. A good memory. A fond memory. A liberating memory. Not enough for the whole village, but… we can keep in the back of our minds, yes. Maybe the one with a mind numbed with fear can add to it.

Raka:     (nervous) The-… The memory of when I graduated.

þorianþaris: (chuckles) A fair offer, Raka. But I see other memories in you that I find far more desirable, yes… How about… this one?

Raka:     (anxious release of breath) No, No, NO!

þorianþaris: The night your mother left you in the forest… to build your confidence, to make you strong, yes? Or… maybe… the day you saw your first tangleweave.

Raka:     (terrified squirm) Stop it! Don’t show me these- NO!

þorianþaris: (whispering, almost purring) I could take that away from you. Free you of your fear, Raka.

Raka:     I don’t- I don’t WANT to lose that memory!

þorianþaris: (chuckles, then thoughtful) You mortals are strange creatures, yes… You hate those memories. The many things you lost on those days… Yet you value those memories. That is what makes it desirable to me. I want to have them. To grasp them.

Raka:     Pick something else, you will not get that one!

þorianþaris: As you wish … (considering) The memories from your first and second journal. Yes. The memories of the first two tangleweaves you fixed on your own. In exchange I will remove my mark from you.

Raka:     What- Why do you… Fine, ONE! You can pick ONE of them!

þorianþaris: You misunderstand, Raka. Even both of them are not valuable enough to make me remove my mark from this village. Not even combined with Malaki’s offer, no. They barely suffice to make me remove my mark from you and your companions.

Raka:     If they’re not worth anything to you I won’t give them to you! They’re valuable to me, to my goal!

þorianþaris: You value them, yes. You learned much from them, yes. But they are things you can relearn. Think of the memory your companions offered. Experiences with others. Memories of bonding, of growing closer. Unique experiences, not replicable. Your journals contain no such thing, yet you value them just slightly less than the other memory. That is why I want both journals. Not for their content, but for their value.

Raka:     (growls low, as she considers) No. You can’t have them. Not if they’re not worth enough to save the entire village.

Lyn:      (hushed) Raka, come on!

þorianþaris: Very well. This negotiation is not leading anywhere, no no… when you have had time to consider, or have something else to offer, find me again, yes… (chuckles) or when you have forgotten why your memories fade from you. Find me in the dome woven of water. (ominous chuckle)

Lyn:      What the hell, Raka!

Malaki:   You failed the negotiation!

Raka:     I didn’t- they didn’t VALUE my work, yet they wanted to have it! I’m not taking that from a Væhar!

Ferryce:  Your arrogance will be your downfall, Raka…

Lyn:      What do we do now? You and Malaki STILL got their mark; maybe they took the time to put it in me now, too!

Raka:     We have to fix this problem another way. I’m sure that it can be done. Ferryce?

Ferryce:  You’ve had your share of Væron knowledge for today.

Raka:     I know, but that’s not what-

Ferryce:  Speaking of, I am REVOKING that now.

Malaki:   (squirming with headache pain) AAAHH-

Ferryce:  (furious) This whole evocation was disasterous! The circle was open the whole time! You forgot to take off the windshell! You had an unprotected broken Soul in there with you! What were you THINKING, Raka?

Raka:     I couldn’t remember the rest of the incantation; you weren’t doing much to help me out!

Ferryce:  That isn’t my JOB, Raka, it’s YOURS! And you, Malaki? CHALLENGING a Væhar while you ARE the pledge? I knew you were boisterous before, but this was off the charts.

Malaki:   (growls) It challenged me, first!

Ferryce:  And you, Lyn-

Lyn:      I didn’t do anything!

Ferryce:  Yes, and you were the only one that was doing her job well. You bought time for Raka to finish the circle, which she didn’t do.

Raka:     What should I have done, invent words?

Ferryce:  You could’ve tried NOT to forget them in such a crucial moment!

Raka:     With a Væhar leeching at my knowledge?! How was I-

Ferryce:  Yes, with a Væhar leeching at your knowledge. See, this is WHY accepting the trade with that Væhar would’ve been beneficial. Do you know WHY I didn’t help you remember the remaining words of the incantation? Because it was not Þorianþaris that took those memories from you. You forgot them, because you were scared, nervous and anxious. I allowed it to happen to give you a scare. To make you more prone to accepting Þorianþaris’ pledge.
You were lucky I stepped in to stop them, when Malaki challenged them. I DIDN’T HAVE TO. And I won’t anymore. If a situation goes out of hand again because you forget something, it will be on you. You had the chance to make sure you and your companions were free of Þorianþaris’ mark, but you were too proud of your work to do that.

Raka:     (growls) I… understand.

Ferryce:  I hope you do.

Lyn:      (sighs) Now what? The Væhar still has their mark on the people in this village, you and Malaki will continue to lose your (singing) Meeeeeemories. What do we do now?

Raka:     (conflicted, struggling) I… don’t know…

Malaki:   We find the spirit again. And this time, you give it your journals memories.

Raka:     But I can’t, they’re… (sighs) They’re MY memories…

Lyn:      Hey, we all have to give up something. I know this doesn’t make it better, but you’re not alone. Er… Can we get out of the circles? My legs are falling asleep.

Raka:     (sighs) Yes… We have to clean up the floor as well.

Lyn:      Oh yea. I don’t see any buckets of water around here, so I’ll just… use the remaining hot water from the tea!

Raka:     What are you doing!?

Lyn:      Cleaning the floor! With waters!

Raka:     (sighs) We could’ve just brushed it off with that brush-wood broom over there…

Lyn:      Nope. I’m doing it this way. See? All nice and shiny.

Malaki:   Speak, Raka.

Raka:     (sighs) Of what?

Malaki:   Of what we do next.

Raka:     We put the table and the pillows back.

Malaki:   (sigh) And with the Væhar.

Raka:     I guess we will… (sighs) It said to find it at the dome woven of water.

Malaki:   Yakta mentioned that.

Raka:     What?

Malaki:   Earlier. When she was in trance. She spoke of a dome woven of sky and water.

Lyn:      (realization) Oh yea.

Raka:     (thoughtful) You’re right. I guess we should go there-

Windshell deactivates.


Yosha:    (uncomfortable, concerned) I… didn’t know… there was anything that frightened her like this…

Auril:    Neither did I. I always thought she was pretty unshakeable.

Yosha:    She really should’ve told this kind of thing to Lyn and Malaki. It would’ve diffused a lot of conflicts she had with those two…

Auril:    Admit a fear like that to two more or less strangers you just happen to travel with?

Yosha:    Well then she should’ve talked about it with someone she trusts! You, maybe or-

Auril:    Me? We’re just colleagues that occasionally help each other on research projects.

Yosha:    I thought you were friends! Haven’t you know each other for almost a decade?

Auril:    (sighs) Since we graduated, yes, but we’re not close.

Yosha:    I really thought you were… you’re the one I see talking with her the most around the campus.

Auril:    Well… it’s usually me talking to her, honestly.

Yosha:    She… has a hard time opening up to people, doesn’t she?

Auril:    I don’t know. But now that you mention it, this might be something she doesn’t want anyone else to hear about. (sighs) I might have to… redact this windshell from the collective…

Yosha:    But that one was interesting for the documentation of a Patchers work, wasn’t it?

Auril:    Yea, that’s why I hesitate…

Yosha:    I think you should leave it in.

Auril:    Why?

Yosha:    Because a patchers work isn’t just about… you know, facing danger, fighting spirits, becoming a glorious hero and such. It’s also a path on which you need to face your own fears. It’s part of a valuable lessons for people who want to become patchers.

Auril:    Yosha, this could potentially devalue what the windshell is for, though. If the windshell can just record even very private conversations like that… People might boycott my project altogether, even before I finish it.

Yosha:    That’s… the windshell is not the issue here, Akasar!

Auril:    Well, either way, I’ll probably have to go over each recording with her when she’s back before we make any official releases. Which also means… it will probably take a while longer before I can present the project to the Magistrate and get it funded…

Yosha:    (sighs) And I should have my mother talk to her when she gets back.

Auril:    Your mother?

Yosha:    Headpriestess of the church of the twins. I know I said I wanted to counsel her, but Raka’s issues seem to be way beyond my capabilities. I might do more damage if I tried… At any rate, my mother has much more experience than me and is a great consultant for peoples who need to work up emotional turmoil.

Auril:    IF Raka can get herself to open up.

Yosha:    (slightly worried) Akasar, do you think the Væhar will devour all their knowledge?

Auril:    That entirely depends on how Raka handles the situation, I would assume.

Yosha:    Do you think Raka will give up the memory in her journals?

Auril:    Well, for her sake, I hope she does. The journals weren’t… groundbreaking anyway. Thoriantharis was right about that. But they are the records of Raka’s first steps and successes as an uprising Patcher.

Yosha:    (muttering to herself) Like… just like the windshell…

Auril:    It’s not something to give up so easily.

Yosha:    But there are copies of her journals. Even if she just gave up the memory, she could still read up to what was in the journals to recover the lost memories, right?

Auril:    That’s what I thought, as well. I hope Raka realizes that too. BEFORE she forgets who she is and why she’s on the Skundr.

Yosha:    Perhaps you should try to fine-tune the windshell for two-way communication more. In case she does forget. So you… can guide her back.

Auril:    I mean, I’ve been working on enchantments for that, but they’re still not really functional. I haven’t really had time to work on them more yet. Well, I’ll probably work on that after this, since it doesn’t seem like there’s any more recordings coming in. Shall we wrap this up?

Yosha:    Oh- yes, yes!

Auril:    Date of recording was the same as last. Vocal enchantments were woven by Kessir Riliniki, Eyþór Viðarsson, Carollyn Monterola, Tanja Milojevic, Ester Ellis, Boyd Barret, Hem Cleveland and Travis Vengroff.
Music-Shells provided by Fuimadane.
Audio-Enhancements by Sarah Buchynski.
Written and Produced by Kessir Riliniki.


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