Teaser 02 | Lyn

Meet Lyn, as she plays with her horde of cats and eats some Surprise eggs with her friend Ashley.



LynCarollyn Monterola

Ashley – Christy Luse (Liberty: Critical Research)


Written and Dialogue Edited by Kessi Riliniki

Sounddesign by Sarah Buchynski

Theme music “Sál Svar” by Fuimadane from the album “Vegleitir“. 


Scene starts in an idyllic suburban area. There is no traffic, but there are a few people off in the distance, playing sporty games.

Lyn is sitting behind her house, surrounded by several cats. She is distributing cat food into several bowls for them. They meow in greedy anticipation and pur.

Lyn:     Noo, this one’s not for you, you’re fat enough already! Leave some for the others! Awww… you want to be cuddled instead? You want me to scratch your little tummy? Aww come here you fat little Neko-

She picks the cat up and cuddles it.

Ashley approaches through the garden.

Ashley:  Hey!

Lyn:     Yo, Ash!

Ashley:  Feeding the cats again?

Lyn:     The usual.

Ashley:  Cat-Lyn, through and through. I still wonder where they all come from…

Lyn:     Dunno, dun care. As long as the market always has free catfood, doesn’t really matter if its 5 or 50 showing up at my door. I shall cuddle them all! (evil catmom laughter)

Ashley:  (laughs) I would, too. If it wasn’t for the allergies.

Lyn:     Uh, hope you don’t die on me here.

Ashley:  I’m fine, as long as we’re outside.

Lyn:     Cool cool. What you got there?

Lyn motions to a small paperbag Ashley is carrying.

Ashley:  Groceries. Want some?

Lyn:     (shrugs) If it’s free.

Ashley:  (laughs) You know it is. Hey, wana know what I found fresh in stock?

Lyn:     Uuuh, show me, show me!

She takes out a Surprise egg from her bag and rattles it.

Lyn:     Uuuh! Surprise eggs! I didn’t know the market had them!

Ashley:  Mhm. I didn’t know, either. I’ve been craving them for days, and I’ve been looking for them all over the isles- I got to try them when I was visiting Juropa, but you know, they’re kinda outlawed where I’m from…

Lyn:     Oh yea, I heard of that.

Ashley:  And then today, I finally found them! Wana see what’s inside?

Lyn:     Uuuh, yea let’s!

Giggling in anticipation, Ashley starts unwrapping the surprise egg.

She cracks the chocolate egg open and gives half of it to Lyn.

Lyn:     (nibbling half the chocolate egg) Mmmh yea, that’s the stuff.

Ashley:  (eating half of the chocolate egg) I know, right?

Lyn:     Hey- Have you done anything with your eyes?

Ashley:  Hm?

Lyn:     They seem… more teal than I remember…

Ashley:  You like it?

Lyn:     Yea, looks amazing! Contacts?

Ashley:  Nope. I just kinda thought it would be nice to have really nice teal-colored eyes. Then Darryl suddenly told me my eyecolor was changing, and… It’s been like this since.

Lyn:     Huh. That’s cool. I wonder if I can do that…

Ashley:  I mean, doesn’t hurt to try, right?

Lyn:     (focusing) Mhhhh… I want white hair, I want white hair, I want white hair…

Ashley:  Aaand… there you go.

Lyn:     Woa, it worked! Awesome!

Ashley:  Right? I wonder if this is how the market restocks…

Lyn:     Hm? What do you mean?

Ashley:  I mean, there’s no one working there, yet it restocks every day and seems to always have exactly what we want. And all the items are free. (uncertain) That’s… not how it was before… was it?

Lyn:     (shrugs) Well, I’m not gona look a gift-horse in the mouth.

Ashley:  I mean, I’m not going to, either, but…

Lyn:     Come on, open that egg already, I wana see what’s inside!

Lyn takes the egg and rattles it.

Ashley:  Oh! Oh yea! (Ashley fidgets a bit as she tries to open the small container that was inside the egg) Gosh, this better be good.

Lyn:     (laughs) They rarely are anymore, but-

Ashley:  Well here’s hoping, right? Oh-

The container opens with a plop.

Lyn:     Huh? (surprised)

Ashley:  It’s… empty?

In the egg, there is a small glowing symbol that only Lyn can see. It floats out of the egg, as the ambience shifts.

Lyn:     What’s that?

Ashley:  That’s… strange… It was rattling, wasn’t it?

Lyn:     Don’t you see that?

Ashley:  Hm? See what?

Lyn:     That thing that just came out.

Ashley:  What thing?

Lyn:     Like a glowing symbol… it floated to the sky and- Oh shit-

Lyn looks to the sky, where she finds to see an aurora borealis stretched out across the sky. There is something like the loud squealing of a large metalwire being stretched beyond it’s capabilities to withstand.

Lyn:     What’s that?

Ashley:  What are you talking about, Lyn, what’s what?

Lyn:     See that… mist in the sky?

Ashley:  (baffled) Mist? The sky is clear.

Lyn:     It looks like… You know that northlight stuff you see in fotos of Norway?

Ashley:  How can you see any of that against the sun? I don’t see any of that.

Lyn:     Really? Weird…

Suddenly, the tangleweave rips. It is a loud but far away sound, like metal tearing, like thunder striking, like the earth cracking open, like a wave crashing.

Lyn:     (covering her ears in pain) OH CRAP WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!

Ashley:  What was what?

Lyn:     (talking a little too loudly) Urg- DIDN’T YOU HEAR THAT?

Ashley:  You don’t have to shout at me, I’m standing right beside you…

Lyn:     What?! Urg… Sorry, that noise made my ears ring!

Ashley:  What noise?

Lyn:     That one that came form the lights in the sky, the… Huh? They’re… gone.

Ashley:  You’re making far less sense than usual, Lyn.

Lyn:     Yea… sorry. I don’t know what that was… But seems like it’s gone now…

Ashley:  Then it was probably nothing.

Lyn:     Probably.

Ashley:  Anyway, Darryl is cooking tonight, wana come over?

Lyn:     Uuuh, hell yea, count me in!

Ashley:  (eyerolling smirk) I knew that you’d say that.

Lyn:     I’m always where the food is.

Ashley:  (chuckling) Of course you are.

Scene fades out and “Sál Svar” starts playing.

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