Episode 19 | Waterdome

Rïanuka – 104th day of Bäkkos, 5th year of the Vær, 101st Generation

Malaki found a giant structure on the Tripeaks. Could this be the Waterdome they were told to seek out? And what things lie within this structure?




DISCLAIMER: The transcripts bellow are taken “as is” from the Production script. Sometimes Actors improvise lines during recording that feel better, or a change was made during dialogue editing to optimize the flow of the conversation. The bellow transcript does not reflect these changes and might therefore ocasionally not match the words said in the episodes.

Windshell activates.

Malaki:   (excited, laughing) Wind Runes! My vannir aurki!

Lyn:      (groaning) Oh shyte- Is it over? Are we still alive?

Raka:     (huffing) WE are. I know someone who won’t be for much longer…

Malaki:   (excited) Get up! Look at that!

Raka:     (groaning and huffing as she picks herself up. Then with a low growl) Malaki…

Malaki:   It’s huge! I have never seen it before!

Raka:     (threatening, slight anger) Malaki!

Malaki:   (excited) This wasn’t here before. I’m sure I would’ve seen it from the Vaurja. I want to know what built something this large in such short time!

Lyn:      Calm down, Malaki!

Raka:     (angry growl) MALAKI!

Malaki:   (in pain, slightly confused) OW! I hear you, monohorn!

Raka:     I TOLD you to keep yourself together! STOP throwing Runes around when it’s not necessary to use them!

Lyn:      Calm down, Raka, I’m sure he meant well.

Malaki:   You didn’t want to spend the entire day HIKING up here, I’m sure! I saved you time! And you don’t HAVE much time.

Lyn:      See? I kinda appreciate that. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to HIKE all the way up here!

Raka:     (growls) I don’t mean just now, you used too many runes earlier too!

Lyn:      Cut him some slack. He’s excited!

Raka:     AND intoxicated!

Malaki:   I found the waterdome, Raka! Turn around, see yourself!

Raka:     (whispering in awe) Fiyar’ta…

Lyn:      Well damn.

Raka:     That IS enormous. The dome almost vanishes in the clouds!

Malaki:   (excited) Woven of sky, like the Væhar said! The roof is not solid- I saw it.

Lyn:      That looks like… an ancient roman temple, but round!

Raka:     Malaki, you say we’re on the other side of the tripeaks than from where we looked at it?

Malaki:   The other side, yes.

Raka:     How could we not see it from there? This structure surmounts the peak by far!

Lyn:      Raka, didn’t you mention that this word you keep saying- “fiyar’ta”, means “fourteen”?

Raka:     For the Fourteen azyri gods, yes.

Lyn:      Could this be their temple, like an Olympus?

Raka:     Don’t be silly. If the gods made themselves a temple, they’d build it on the Skundr, not some minor outcropping of it.

Malaki:   (excited) If you want to see the roof, the-the dome, I can bring us up there-

Raka:     (distracted) Malaki, shut up for a moment- Lyn, did the windshell turn on?

Lyn:      What?- Oh, yea, I hear the echo.

Raka:     Good. Then Auril can hear this. I don’t think this structure was built by any Rontar. It’s too large to have been built by-
Ferryce: That is correct. Mortals did not build this.

Raka:     (surprised) Ferryce!

Lyn:      Yay, Ferry-boy!

Raka:     Ferryce, can we ask if you know anything about this building, or does that… go too far?
Ferryce: (chuckles) Sure, you can ask me IF I know anything about this building. The answer is Yes. You can ask me, IF I know who put it here or when or how. The answer would again be Yes. I know the answers to any of those questions.

Raka:     But you won’t give them to us so easily?
Ferryce: Precisely.

Raka:     Ah… (sighs).
Ferryce: Obviously you know who dwells within it. But I am not at liberty to tell you more about that.

Raka:     Hm… if you’re not at liberty to speak of it, that must mean this house belongs to… a Vaeron, or a deity, or a god.
Ferryce: (chuckles) All good guesses, Raka.

Malaki:   (excited) We will find out!

Raka:     (sighs) He is exhausting… Thanks.

Lyn:      (amused) Look at him go, Raka. His tail is twitching.

Raka:     Well, we’re stuck here. We might as well go in and look around.

Lyn:      Who’s a good boy? Huh? Yes, YOU’RE a good boy, Malaki!

Malaki:   (grinning, amused) I’m not a Boy, I’m a Skurki.

Lyn:      Yes, a good Skorgi! Look, maybe RAKA doesn’t appreciate what you did, but I’m pretty happy for every meter I don’t have to walk. So for bringing us up here so quickly, you deserve it deserve a treat! Here.

Malaki:   (pleased) Mhh, jerky.

Lyn:      Aaaand… I’ll have some as well! Itadakimaaaasu~

Raka:     (sighs) Did you steal the rations again?

Lyn:      (chewing, defensive) Just the jerkies! It’s about time for a snack anyway, don’t you think? Come on, you get a treat, too. You barely unleashed the full force of your anger on Malaki. You held back, so you’re also a good girl, Raka!

Raka:     (sighs) Let’s just go in. (calling out) Do either of you see runes or spirits?

Malaki:   I see the trunks of giant trees.

Lyn:      You mean the pillars?

Malaki:   These.

Raka:     Anything else?

Malaki:   I see their white barks like rotting flesh, hollow and withered, and their sap, black as blood, flowing from the claw marks of giant Kyrjir that climbed them not long ago. And Aikojassi. (mumbling) Yes… Juicy, delicious Aikojassi… gnawing at the bark…

Lyn:      (mumbling) Poetic…

Raka:     (sighs) Lyn?

Lyn:      (calling out) I’m not sure I want to have what he ordered.

Raka:     Do YOU see anything out of the ordinary?

Lyn:      Nothing as out of the ordinary as him.

Raka:     (pondering) Odd…

Lyn:      (huffing) There’s just rows and rows of these pillars, I’m not even sure I could see any supernatural stuff through them. Does thickness or density play into obstructing my x-ray vision somehow?

Malaki:   The trunks are clearly hollow.

Raka:     (raised voice) I don’t think so. But there aren’t many that have your kind of vision, so there’s no telling.

Lyn:      Oh hey, I have the windshell now!

Lyn:      (moderator voice) Ladies and Gentlefurs, and all those listening to this broadcast from at home – yes Auril, I’m looking at you – thank you for travelling with Lyn-Tours today. My name is Lyn and I will be your guide for today. On behalf of Raka, I’d like to welcome you all to the “Waterdome”, a structure no one knew the existence off until 5 minutes ago.

Raka:     What are you doing?

Lyn:      (normal speech) Shh, shh I got this! (going back to moderation voice) We are standing here in what we presume to be the entrance hall of the Waterdome, a giant roman hall woven out of sky and water. What that means? Hell if I knew. On our left, we see rows and rows of pillars that seem to veer off in a circular formation around the center of the dome. Aaaand on our right, we see more of the same, with the addition of a completely wasted Malaki standing right beside us. Malaki, what are your thoughts on these pillars?

Malaki:   These trees grow only beneath the edge of Skaudr’s horn, atop his slain head, rotting and festering with the sickly Kyrjir that feed on the fruit of those trees that nurture on Skaudr’s decaying flesh… (chuckles)

Lyn:      Eww… Remind me to stop you from jumping into any more thorn bushes we come across…

Raka:     Get over here, both of you!

Lyn:      Very interesting! Ladies and Gentlefurs, that was our Fun-Fact for today. And now we go over to Raka with the horoscope. Let’s see what the runes hold in store for us today, shall w-Woa! Oh gosh, this is BEAUTIFUL!

Raka:     And ridiculous. Who puts a damn island inside a building? An island with a Forest! Inside a building!

Malaki:   And a mountain!

Raka:     (sighs) I know you see a lot of weird things today, white-eye, but that’s just a very big Rock.

Malaki:   (excited) Then I can see better than you, Kyrjir. That’s a mountain. I live on one, I know.

Raka:     (sighs) If you say so.

Lyn:      Is that a village at the foot of the… Rock-Mountain?

Raka:     (uncertain) It might be. The structures look very weird, though.

Lyn:      You think?

Raka:     They look like… colorful cubes, not really like houses. And their layout is too… regular. Almost planned, deliberate.

Malaki:   Unnatural. Like Human houses.

Lyn:      Oh. Oooh yea! You’re right, that IS a human village!

Raka:     Well, that explains it.

Lyn:      Can we go there, see if anyone is home?

Malaki:   (excited, grinning) I can get us over-

Raka:     Not a chance, white-eye. We’ll pass over that land-bridge there.

Lyn:      (disappointed) Awww man.

Raka:     Come on. It’s not that far.

Lyn:      Hey, where’s all this water coming from?

Raka:     The water in the lake?

Lyn:      No, that… the water streaming down the pillars.

Malaki:   Like rain, or blood. Confined to a shape. The shape of trees. The trees of the Kyrja.

Raka:     Could be condense water that rises up from the lake. That’s an entire Ecosystem in here.

Lyn:      Actually… I think the pillars are made out of water. At least the ones in this inner circle. They don’t seem entirely solid to me.

Malaki:   Woven of sky and water.

Lyn:      Yea, that’s what I was thinking.

Raka:     Do you see the weave in them?

Lyn:      Hm, no. I still can’t see any runes or web in here- WOA-

Malaki:   (strained) I have you.

Lyn:      Oh shit- I almost lost a life again.

Raka:     Are you alright?

Malaki:   (straining noises as he heaves her up again)

Lyn:      Thank… Why do we always have to go down slopes like this? You know my shoes just suck for this kind of terrain!

Malaki:   Take them off, if they bother you.

Lyn:      And rip my feet open on every damn pebble? No thanks. I like my feet not bloody.

Raka:     Next chance we get, I’ll get you a pair of Almireusri shoes. The Almireus are the only fur-clad Rontar in this region that makes them.

Lyn:      (excited intake of breath) Wait, this is a human village, that means they might have a supermarket here! Maybe I can get myself a pair or hiking shoes there, if they’re in stock!

Raka:     Sure, if your market has them… And… hm. What currency do humans use?

Malaki:   (memorizing, muttering to self) Currency…

Lyn:      In the village I lived in we didn’t need money. Everything we got was free at the supermarket.

Raka:     Free? Your society… seems utopian…

Lyn:      Nah, that was just in the village. In Juropa we still used money. It just wasn’t necessary over here, and we didn’t have a way of making money anyway.

Malaki:   (memorizing, muttering to self) Money.

Raka:     Making money?

Lyn:      Yea, y’know, we had no paper-presses or printers and stuff here.

Raka:     Your money is made of paper?

Malaki:   (memorizing, muttering to self) paper-presses… printers…

Lyn:      Old fashioned people still use that. Most of us had moved on to plastic and digital, though.

Malaki:   (memorizing, muttering to self) Plastic…

Raka:     (confused) Plastics? Like… sculptures?

Lyn:      Um… no, it’s a material… I don’t know what its made of, polymeres or something…

Raka:     Ah… I see.

Malaki:   (memorizing, muttering to self) Polymeres…

Lyn:      Oh gee. Do we cross this?

Malaki:   (playful) Like balancing on a ridge. Azeri and I played this. Great for balance. Especially without stakes. The water cushions you. When we fell… we fell.

Raka:     Think you can get across without slipping?

Lyn:      As long as the floor’s not slippery rock I should be fine.

Malaki:   Just soil and earth, from what I can see.

Raka:     I think so too. That suggests the water isn’t very deep here. But just in case, let me go on ahead, Malaki, you go behind her.

Lyn:      Uuh, are we moving in a formation now, like a pack? Leader first, clumsy people who might need help at the center, followed by a rearguard?

Raka:     Sure, if you want to call it that. I’ll go on ahead. Make sure you watch your step.

Lyn:      I’ll try.

Malaki:   (muttering) Rearguard…

Lyn:      Well you are expanding your vocabulary a hundred times over today, aren’t you?

Malaki:   (repeating) Vocabulary.

Lyn:      Yea, words and stuff. Do you just repeat what we say, or do you actually memorize them?

Malaki:   Currency. Money. Paper-press. Printer. Plastic. Polymeres. Rearguard. Vocabulary.

Lyn:      Wow, you’ve got a good memory.

Malaki:   (grins slyly) I like words.

Lyn:      Do those words mean anything to you?

Malaki:   I understand by context. I am the rearguard.

Lyn:      (laughs) Yes you are! Please protect my butt! Though I’m pretty sure some things like Plastic and polymere will remain a mystery to you for the rest of your life. I don’t think you have those in this world, and for this worlds sake I hope you never will.

Malaki:   (slyly grinning, he winks at Lyn, lowering his voice) Not knowing doesn’t scare me. I like learning new things.

Lyn:      (somewhat secretive) Oh speaking of which- I was meaning to ask you, did any of the Vaeron knowledge stick?

Malaki:   Some of it… I remember that I should know some things, or that I knew them. But when I focus, I can’t grasp them.

Raka:     (calling out) Looks like you’ll need wade through the water a bit. The landbridge doesn’t connect here.

Lyn:      Wowww I’m NOT walking across that!

Raka:     It’s just water. It’s shallow enough that you can walk. Here, see?

Lyn:      (alarmed concern) Raka, NO!

Raka:     (confused) What? What’s wrong?

Malaki:   (laughs) She’s not made of salt, human.

Lyn:      (also confused) Have you… stepped on solid ground?

Raka:     (concerned) Of course… Lyn, are you alright?

Lyn:      Is neither of you seeing that?

Raka:     See what?

Malaki:   Tell us what you see.

Lyn:      That… there’s a steep abyss right under your foot, don’t you see that?

Raka:     Abyss? (pause) I only see the rocks at the bottom of the lake.

Malaki:   Abyss.

Lyn:      You’re… standing on solid air, Raka.

Raka:     Solid air?

Lyn:      Yea… It’s hard to describe but it looks like there is an invisible wall going right through the water, all the way to… (she peeks down to the lake’s floor) Yup, all the way to the bottom of the lake! Oh, and there seem to be stairs at the bottom…

Raka:     Hmm…

Lyn:      Like someone cut the ocean into slices. I can see the light shining through the water at the edge. Like an aquarium, but the wall isn’t solid. It ripples a bit.

Raka:     Can you see this pebble?

Lyn:      I see it… but I didn’t see before you picked it up…

Raka:     Can you touch it?

Lyn:      It… feels real, yea.

Malaki:   Drop it where you see the abyss.

Lyn:      Alright. It fell all the way to the bottom of the abyss!

Raka:     Hm… I see it sunk to the bottom of the lake.

Lyn:      Well this is weird.

Raka:     How far across is the abyss you see?

Lyn:      Not much, maybe… half a meter or so. I think I could jump across it, IF the ground on the other side is solid.

Raka:     Let’s not chance it. I’ll-

Lyn:      (excited) CARRY ME?! HECKS YEA!

Raka:     (sighs) Yes, I’ll carry you.

Lyn:      That’s everything I ever hoped for!

Malaki:   I could carry us over-

Raka:     I’d rather you didn’t. Something doesn’t seem right in this place, and it might be because of the Tangleweave. And you know what happened to your runes in the aetherfrays.

Malaki:   Hmm… I… yes. Not good.

Raka:     No. I should be able to make that jump. Come on.

Lyn:      Yay, Piggyback!

Raka:     (strained) Urg- I forgot how heavy you are. Malaki, you go first. If this abyss turns out to be real, you have wind-runes to save yourself.

Malaki:   (chuckles slyly) Yes. Give me your bag. You will be too heavy carrying both.

Raka:     Careful with it. Don’t let it open up again.

Malaki:   It seems solid.

Raka:     Great. Ready, Lyn?

Lyn:      Ready for takeoff.

Raka:     Out of the way, Malaki.

Lyn:      Ug… Raka…

Raka:     You’re heavier than you look.

Lyn:      You’re harder than you look. That was worse than I imagined it would be.

Raka:     (groaning and slightly huffing) It was. At least you’re soft and squishy.

Lyn:      (amused) Oh stop it you~

Raka:     I hope there won’t be any more of those ahead.

Malaki:   We’re almost on the island.

Raka:     (sighs in relief) Alright, let’s move on then.

Lyn:      Hey… Is it just me or are the pillars slowly fading?

Raka:     Can you still see them? I don’t… I think I see a faint outline of the ones behind us, but the ones that were in front of us are…

Malaki:   I don’t see them anymore.

Lyn:      Should they be fading already? It wasn’t so foggy when we stood up on the last ring of pillars.

Raka:     As long as we remember that they’re there, we’ll be fine. Besides, they go around in a circle. No matter which direction we go, we’ll run into them again eventually.

Lyn:      (excited) Hey, we’re almost at the village! I can already see the windows from here.

Raka:     Even this close those houses look… weird. Too regular. What are they made of?

Lyn:      (uncertain) I think they’re made of concrete or plaster?

Malaki:   They feel like stone when you tap them or scratch them.

Raka:     I don’t think they’re stone, the surface is too perfectly smooth.

Lyn:      (shrugs) I don’t know, I’m not a constructor.

Raka:     You know surprisingly little about your Rontar.

Lyn:      My “Rontar” is incredibly complex. We leave building houses to people who specialize. Don’t tell me YOU’VE ever built a house yourself!

Raka:     Of course not, but at least I know the material our houses are made of.

Lyn:      Huh… I think I… I think I know this place.

Raka:     Have you been here before?

Lyn:      I don’t know, maybe? The layout, the streets, everything seems so familiar. Like in the village I lived in. But… I don’t remember it being inside a giant dome.

Raka:     You can’t see the pillars from here anymore. Nor the dome above us.

Malaki:   It looks like we are standing under open sky.

Lyn:      Oh wow, I didn’t notice this before but there’s actually a sun in the sky! Do you think it moves across the dome?

Malaki:   If we stay long enough, we find out.

Raka:     I could imagine people that live here might not even realize that there IS a dome around them.

Lyn:      You underestimate the superpower of humans, though. We question EVERYTHING.

Raka:     (sighs) Don’t I know it.

Lyn:      Even if they didn’t realize that they’re living inside a dome, they’d sooner or later try to see what’s beyond the lake. They would’ve found the pillars.

Malaki:   Humans are inherently lazy creatures.

Lyn:      Hey! (defensive) Not all humans are as lazy as I am!

Raka:     (laughs) If all humans were like you, I don’t imagine they’d ever leave the village if they didn’t have to.

Malaki:   I don’t understand how you manage to feed yourselves. The forest isn’t big enough to hold a lot of prey.

Raka:     That’s true. And there’s no fields or paddocks for farm animals around.

Malaki:   I don’t know if human fish…

Raka:     Wait, I remember you said you never saw the living animals of whom you eat the meat, right? Where do you get your food from?

Lyn:      From a supermarket, of course!

Raka:     But even a market has to get its food from somewhere.

Lyn:      (shrugs) That’s a job for warehouse logistics. I have no idea how the food gets to the supermarket- (excited) Oh my gosh, this IS the place I lived in! I recognize those houses! That’s the one Ashley and Darryl lived in!

Malaki:   The ones that were absorbed by the Dreameaters.

Lyn:      (excited) Yes! And over there is where Andrew and Sean lived, and that’s the house of Gaby… It’s all here!

Lyn:      (somber, realizing that this means the place is empty) Shit. That means…

Raka:     It seems like no one is here anymore.

Lyn:      I don’t see any spirits though, maybe… Maybe some people came back? (calling out) Hello? Hello! Anyone there?

Lyn:      Hello?! Anyone home? It’s me, Lyn! Catlyn? Anyone here remember me?

Raka:     I don’t think that anyone stayed here.

Malaki:   (sniffing) The scent of human is faint. Old.

Lyn:      (disappointed) I should’ve known. There was no way that anyone would still be here, after what happened.

Malaki:   The dreameaters are gone as well.

Lyn:      Probably. At least I don’t see them around.

Raka:     I imagine they moved on, after…

Lyn:      (sighs) Well, this is it. This is why I followed the two of you, right?

Malaki:   We can still look around.

Lyn:      Yea, maybe we find something that’ll tell us what happened here?

Raka:     Certainly. Let’s have a look around.

Lyn:      If all else fails I can show you how we live in here.

Raka:     I’d be interested in that.

Malaki:   There is a tiny spring over there.

Raka:     That’s a fountain.

Malaki:   (unfamiliar with the word) Fountain…

Lyn:      A drinking fountain, to be precise. It’s like Raka’s waterskin, streams the water right into your mouth.

Malaki:   It looks nice and clean. I want to drink from it.

Lyn:      Aww yea, let’s do it! Let’s indulge ourselves!

Raka:     (sighs) Sure, go ahead. Not like we just passed over a lake or have our own water source in the backpack.

Lyn:      (considering) Wait… the fountain is still working… that means… (sharp intake of breath, then excited whispering) The showers still work! The Toilets!

Raka:     You need another pottybreak?

Lyn:      The plumbingsystem is still up and running! It’d be a waste NOT to use them – who knows when I’ll get another chance to use a working toilet! Come on, I’ll show you where I used to live!

Raka:     (sighs) Lead on.

Lyn:      Damn this place is really creepy when there’s no one else around.

Malaki:   There is nothing – not even birds.

Raka:     What is that large building over there?

Lyn:      That’s the super market- Wait- the lights are still on.

Raka:     What lights?

Lyn:      The ones in the super market, see?

Raka:     Does that mean someone is inside?

Lyn:      I don’t know…

Raka:     It seems someone is still maintaining your water supply and keeps the torches on. It could mean that someone is still here.

Lyn:      Could be. We’ll check out the supermarket later. My home is right across, let’s go there first.

Raka:     Don’t you want to find out if there are other people still around first?

Lyn:      Whoever kept the lights on did so for the past few weeks, a few more minutes wont kill ‘em. Besides, I kinda do need a pottybreak now.

Raka:     (sighs) Fine.

Lyn:      Y’know, I used to hate the fact that none of our doors had functional locks. Even though we had no need to steal from each other, it still made me kinda nervous. I like privacy and shit. But now I’m kinda happy we don’t have any. We wouldn’t be able to get in if there were locks.

Malaki:   We could, through a window. They are easy to break.

Raka:     Speaking from experience?
Malaki laughs slyly.

Lyn:      Oh yea, true. Totally forgot about that. Though I don’t actually know if these are regular glass or armored glass…

Raka:     Armored glass?

Lyn:      Tadaimaaasu~

Raka:     This looks… even stranger from the inside.

Malaki:   The only thing I recognize is… a table.

Raka:     Yea, and chairs. That’s about all I can figure out the purpose of.

Lyn:      I’ll show you around in a bit. Make yourselves at home on the couch- that’s that comfy thing over there. Just gona go to the toilet for a bit.

Malaki:   I smell another creature in here…

Raka:     Me too. But it’s not a human…

Lyn:      Oh shit. (calling out) Raka?! Can you turn off the windshell?

Raka:     Sure!

Windshell deactivates.

Auril:    And a public irrigation system- That’s genius!
Yosha: Well I feel redundant now.

Auril:    I’m sure I could replicate something similar with a watersphere and a few enchantments that will channel and filter water back into the sphere!
Yosha: You can write pretty quickly when you’re excited, you know?

Auril:    I write much faster in my native tongue.
Yosha: Which is?

Auril:    Almiran, of course. Aelmirs Mask, I wish I had the funds to-
Yosha: Is that the thing that excited you most about this recording?

Auril:    Well I would LOVE to know how the humans managed to get their food, perhaps they used earth-spheres and enchantments? Isn’t it odd that the earth-spheres are the least used type of spheres, although they can nourish the soil in various ways to help accelerate plant growth?
Yosha: (sighs) Aren’t you the least bit intrigued by the implications of the dome they’re in?

Auril:    Oh, absolutely, the dome is an amazing find!
Yosha: (giggles) See, and they wouldn’t had found this place if Raka had tethered Malaki’s äthwar.

Auril:    I mean- (trying to regain his composure, clears throat) That’s true, but… These things are still not going to look good for Raka on the sum total of windshell recordings.
Yosha: Akasar, I thought as an inventor, you would understand best that sometimes the most amazing finds happen purely on accident.

Auril:    Er… I mean, I understand that, but… Well, the last two recordings have not been particularly… “insightful” for the documentation of a patchers work.
Yosha: Perhaps not for the work of a patcher, but for other fields of study for certain. Historians and Archeologists for example.

Auril:    True. But I have considered redacting them from the series of Windshell recordings for now. Raka agreed to these only because I promised they’d elevate her work as a patcher, and so far, the last two have done the exact opposite of that.
Yosha: I disagree, I think you should keep these in the series.

Auril:    And what would justify that?
Yosha: Raka’s mindset has been shifting in the last few recordings, and we don’t know yet if that shift might eventually have an impact on her approach to fixing the tangleweave. If it does, I do believe that they are justified to remain part of the documentation of a patchers work. As I said yesterday, it’s a good lesson for rising patchers. Fixing tangleweaves and dealing with spirits is more than just an easy job where you face danger and come out a hero. There are things to be gained from shifting your view and keeping an open mind. I think you should keep these recordings in the collection for now.

Auril:    (sighs) Fine. I’ll mark them with a big “MAYBE”, then. We can see where the next recording takes us.
Yosha: Next one is already in session. Shall we do references and then listen to the next one?

Auril:    Sure. (clears throat) Date of recording, same as the previous one.
Vocal enchantments were woven by Kessir Riliniki, Eyþór Viðarsson, Carollyn Monterola, Ester Ellis, Hem Cleveland and Travis Vengroff.
Music-Shells provided by Fuimadane.
Audio-Enhancements by Sarah Buchynski.
Written and Produced by Kessir Riliniki.


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